20 MOVIES in 1 month challenge: 17/20

Next reviews: 30+ Single on Sale, Okja, Bloody Monday S1, Heroine Shikkaku, The Beauty inside, Terra Formars, Ayashii Kanojo, Secret Message, Vancouver's Asahi, Onmyuji ~The Yin Yang master~, Onmyouji II, Hajimari no uta, Dive to the future, The professor and his beloved equation, The Commitment, Maison Ikkouku 1,2; Very ordinary couple; Rurouni kenshin ~Kyoto inferno~, Attack on titan 1,2; I have to but new shoes; Blackboard 1,3; Beyond the memories; Gangnam blues;

Currently watching: Bloody Monday S2, Karei naru spy, Brilliant Legacy

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About Cypsis

Unicon 2014, Riga, Latvia
Name: Cypsis - It is a nickname, but I prefer to be called like that. It originally comes from my mother tongue and means "Cookie". Of course you can add all kinds of things to it like -chan, -unnie, -noona, ate etc!  

Drama-addiction: I started watching dramas in January 2009 and I have never dropped a drama
Counting: 96 dramas, 132 movies (date: 01.01.2017)
Blogger: Since May 2011. I review things after watching the whole drama - no per episode reviews.
Co-admin: My second blog is managed by my twin-sister Yanne. She has degree in Japanese culture and philology and has lived in Japan and currently working with Japanese costumers in finance-field.
Co-operating: I took part of Monstar Dramaclub on in summer 2013. Also I have made a review for Lore in Stone cities

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First movie: Kamikaze Girls
First Japanese drama:  Nobuta wo Produce
First Korean drama: Playful Kiss

Fandoms: Unofficial Chankapaana, CLassified, VIP, BLINK and forever a Blackjack 
Anime-conventions: many years Animatsuri (Estonia), YukiCon 2014 (Portugal), UniCon 2014 (Latvia),

Homeland: Small North-European country that most of the sumo-friends should know. Most of the   time it is freezing, raining or doing both at the same time here.
Currently living: Lisbon, Portugal 
Occupation: Interior architect
Age: 24
Languages: fluent: my mother-tongue, English,
studied before/basic knowledge: Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, German
Appearance: Look at the banner or the picture. Yes, I am not Asian. Sorry to disappoint you!
Favorite animal: CATS
Biggest faults: Many might know already it has to be laziness and eating
Other interests: anime, manga, languages, drawing, painting, traveling,  

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask either here, by email, Facebook or Mydramalist! I try to answer all questions and if you think that I should write something more to here, then let me know! :)


  1. hello!
    I accidentally stumbled-upon ur blog and I like ur drama synopsis! :D
    I have a few suggestions (no time to watch it yet):
    1) mirai nikki
    2) asuko march
    3) naniwa shounen tanteidan
    4) yokai ningen bem

    1. I am glad you like them :D I hope you will continue to read my blog!
      I really like your choices, but I do not have any of them in my computer :S and I was given an admonition that if I continue dl-ing I might be banned from dorm internet (do not understand why to be so harshXD because now when my torrent is banned then neither me or anyone else is having net-connection). I surely want to see "Yokai ningen bem" and "Asuko march", but maybe next year then.

  2. I am putting my watch-list here for you to choose :D You can choose only 2 dramas and 3 movies!

    City Hunter
    Dragon Zakura
    Gokusen 1, 2, 3, SP-s, Movie
    Hana yori dango 1,2
    Hotaru no Hikari
    Juui Dolittle
    Misaki nr.1
    Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo
    Zenkai Girl

    Assault on the Pacific ~ Kamikaze~
    Blackboard part 1 mirai
    Blackboard part 3 ~Yume~
    Bokura ga ita (both parts)
    Cyborg She
    Dive to the Future
    Ikiteru dake de nankurunaisa SP
    Noriko goes to Seoul
    One missed call
    Shin Jidan Koshoni Ura File
    Taiyou no Uta

    1. hi! it's me again :D
      Getting banned from internet would be worse. That's why I only download at home. XD
      Btw, here's my choice from the list:-

      - Zenkai Girl
      - Juui Dolittle
      - Ikiteru dake de nankurunaisa SP
      - Shin Jidan Koshoni Ura File
      - Bokura ga ita (both parts)


    2. Nice choices :D I definitely keep it in mind now. "Zenkai girl" might be a great option as I have been kinda missing Ryo, since he left NEWS he has gotten far.