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Friday, November 21, 2014

My name is Love (2012)

Country: Thai
Format: movie
Genre: love, youth, romance
Cast: Arak Amornsupasiri, Bo Tunyasupong, Fay Jirapapra Marayat, Jazz Chuancheun, Khom Chuan Chuen, Thunyasupan Jirapreechanon, Peerawat Herabat, Pongpitch Preechaborisuthikul,
Synopsis: When Q was teenager he was the most popular guy in the school, his beauty was outrageous and everybody just loved him, but his narcissistic view made him also rude to others and so years later he finds himself working under the guy he humiliated in front of all school and in love with his neighbor whose heart he once broke.  
Rating: 4/5
This movie explains a lot why some couples that should happen never find each other as so many people seem to be with wrong partners. It is all cupids messing up!! and it teaches a lot also about karma - be kind to others or in years you will have everything done back in double.