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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari: Law of Recycling suicides (2009)

Country: Japan
Genre: surreal, law
Format: part of Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari series
Cast: Ikuta Toma, Ryo
Synopsis: The country works up a secret law of recycling suicides: people are saved at the last moment from death, they are declared dead and their further lives are used for the sake of the country.
Rating: 5/5
This movie is sick and awesome! It is psychologically challenging to accept the events of the movie and it definitely makes you rethink about life, law and suicides.
Ikuta Toma is one of my favorite actors for his diverse acting skills. I think that filming for it was wild and I would really like to see the making of it. His  character has given up on life and decides to commit suicide, only to end up finding himself on weird twisted program where he has no right to make choices over his life.
No matter what character Ryo plays, she has always given me the "bitch with no morals"-feeling and this is exactly the movie where she is it. She has no emotions, this is just her work in front of her country and "it is a good deed for the society". She sees all the people in the program just as small inanimate pieces that are needed for the job.  
I would understand the program if it would have been acting to remind those people how precious the life is, but as it was all real deal, the law was horrible.In some way I understand this law, because it is like Kamiya-san says: "You were the one who decided to make suicide, now by law you are considered as died in suicide." but at the same time there is no right to use other people lives for no matter what reasons. This law is really scary and sick, but also leaves me thinking about possible secret conspiracy laws where maybe some people how are "gone missing", have gone missing by some other ways. But in the end, it is just my imagination thinking too much again. I think that people will go crazy from the start of the program.
Suicides have become more and more frequent in our society and especially in youth due to school-bullying and of course for grown-ups after break-ups or job loss. Despite showing signs of someone being suicidal, we tend not to notice them until it is too late. I like how this movie shows that many suicidal people actually do not want to die, but they just do not want to live their lives. It might be difficult to understand, but at least that was what I got from this movie. I definitely agree to Kamiya-san's saying: "It is selfish to end your life yourself". In my point of view, people who commit suicide are weak and selfish as it takes a lot of  more strength and confidence to continue living and they tend to see only their point of few.  But at the same time I understand that while just seeing things from their side, they are unable to think about others. Maybe that is just human nature? I just find that committing suicide is like a cheat-code in life to finish a level in game without actually playing it. In this life there are so many chances of every hour that we might die the next minute and also, there are many people who want to live so bad, but some unfortunate moment takes them away. If you are alive, then you should appreciate every second you are breathing. If you think I do not have experience with suicides then you are wrong - I have seen how suicide has ruined a whole family and I have seen people grow up "thanking" for their "unsuccessful attempt" as their life turned into something beautiful and cheerful. I live by the moto that "everything is possible until you are alive - things can never get better when you are dead".
This movie definitely left a strong impression on me and this 20 minutes are worth spending on it.


  1. where/how did you watch it? i've been wanting to buy it for a while now but i dont know where i can buy it. please help me?

  2. For an answer I must say that I used the worst way ever - downloading, but it is the only way to see it. I do not think it has a DVD to buy it. I got the movie from former-Newshfan, but it seems like that video has gone missing.
    But Ikuta Toma fan-sites should have it. Tomalicious_frm (on Livejournal) has it all subbed in small width^^ I do not want to add links, so hope you can find it! Hope it helps you! ^^