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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kemarishi (2006)

Country: Japan
Format: movie in 40 minutes;
Genre: supernatural, third movie of KanjaniWinter drama special 2006
Cast: Yokoyama You, Okura Tadayoshi, Nishikido Ryo, Sato Megumi, Sagawa Mitsuo, Owada Shinya,
Synopsis: There is a old legend of "kemarishi",  a special superhuman power to use kemari (Old traditional Japanese non-competitive sport where you must keep the ball in air as long as you can) to fight with others. It was believed that all successors of legendary clans have died, but little did they know that there is still someone left.
Rating: 1/5
Well, it is one of Kanjani movies, what else to say - Just laugh hard and joke a lot.

Yokoyama You plays the lead role of a guy who has amazing skills in soccer. Kasuga is living to fulfill his regret that he caused his friend's accident which left him into wheelchair. Of course the fastest way to earn enough money is illegal betting. He looks totally uninterested in Mari, except for the first time they meet when he accidentally falls into her lap. I think that Yokoyama You looked really weird in most of the scenes and well, those hair - no comments about them.

I think we can soon start giving Friend's Awards, because I know who is going to fail. After the
accident Nanami becomes kind of pessimistic and even tough he says he does not blame Kasuga, he looks like he is just trying to suppress his anger. Kanjani movies are extremely difficult to comment their acting. Skill, this is the the reason why most of the time I was distracted by Okura's hair - at first I thought he should have used more conditioner, because his hair seemed a bit dry but later I just patted his hair for his beautiful silky hair. Not to mention that I could not believe my eyes when I saw those splits and jumps O.o as much as I know they did all scenes themselves, except those obvious computer scenes.
Mari-chan is easily influenced and I find her extremely nosy. Ever since Kasuga saves her from the
groper,she takes a lot of interest in him. They are literally having a date without him knowing or noticing it. If they were to have a real date then it failed in my eyes. I do not know why but I did not like her. She did not do anything really great, other than putting her nose into things that have little to do with her. Well this is called real stalking and scooping, so great that now we have FB to do these things without leaving home (feel the irony). I mean it is not that weird when girl goes to rehabilitation center to meet with guy's best friend just to get to know about the dude, right? - I never once saw any sign that Kasuga liked the girl. 

I really love when my sexy Osaka man, Nishikido Ryo plays bad guys, who are actually good... or good guys who are just acting bad to fill their good plans. Especially when in his first scenes it looks like he forgot that he has to act. He plays total side-character, but in the end his role and his purpose in it made me wonder about world's morals. 
I find it really amusing that Kanjani can always take something and make it look much more than it really is. I mean like there is no single evidence that kemari has been used in a competitive way or to make fatal injuries with it. The "Sacrifice" is more made up from tennis and football tricks.
Things why to watch it - young Kanjani members, absurd storyline, even more absurd accomplishment and time killing slowmotion scenes. It was a good movie to pretend that my laptop screen is touch-sensitive so touching Okura's hair and Nishikido's ass would actually make some app work (Why this talk? because someone finally got a smartphone and wrote half of this review on it), but I should mention that it were the years where they started to use a lot of English in dramas.. and there is a lot of English in the basement...

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