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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sotsu Uta ~ Best friend~ (2010)

Country: Japan
Format: part of Sotsu Uta series
Genre: friendship, life
Cast: Shida Mirai, Kutsuna Shiori, Irie Jingi, Sometani Shota, Muro Tsuyoshi, Nagasawa Masami,
Synopsis: Ayumi and Mami are best friends at school. While Ayumi falls in and out of love really fast, then Mami never talks about her feelings. But no matter what Mami always stands behind Ayumi supporting her in everything.
Rating: 1/5
It is difficult to write a review about it, because first of all it is really short and secondly they concentrate on one storyline, so forgive me if this review is also short.

I did not like Ayumi that much. I had a feeling that she was all over the place, because she was always talking (about boys), did not think much and basically everything was about herself. She is one character who makes a kingdom with mouth, but not even a sandcastle with actions, meaning that all the time she relied on Mami. Ayumi is really bungling so it is understandable that she needs someone beside her and I like that in the end she is starting to grow up a little bit. 
I liked Mami more, though on the other hand she did not stand for herself and was willing to give everything for their friendship. It is not a good thing to give up on things you want, because in the end you will lose everything. But I liked that she was more quiet and mature.
They do not show much about Takayuki, because I have a feeling that he is just there to show the friendship between girls. But he is smart, tall and good-looking - what more to ask. He is also more quiet kind of guy who stays in library to read or goes to chemistry lab to make experiments alone, so he is more of a guy to suit for Mami. On the other hand, he is the type that makes Ayumi try hard and improve herself.
As you see all three actors are young, but all of them have acted a lot. I think that this kind of short specials are not up to their talents, but at the same time, that's the reason why they have time to do it. I do not think that this is something that you will remember for a long time after watching it. 
Though this movie actually reminds me of my teenage years with friends and how we dealt with boy-troubles. wow.. I actually acted like Mami once, though the situation was a bit different and more complicated. But I never relied on my friends about boys or confessions. For most of the time I was definitely more like Mami, holding my feelings in, but on the other hand like Ayumi, because I liked many boys, until I met my first love.
So it is a nice movie to remember all those pointless troubles you went through when you first started to like boys/girls and now you can remember it with laugh and warm feeling, spiced with a little bit of bittersweet pain and sadness.
I was watching it because I actually want to see all of the 4 series, but it is now difficult to find the other two episodes in the middle.

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