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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hormones ~The second season~ (2014)

Country: Thai
Format: 2nd season 13 episodes
Genre: school, youth
Cast: Pachara Chirathirat (Peach as Win), Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (Pattie as Kwan), Sutatta Uudomsilp (Punpun as Toei), Juthawut Pattarakhumphol (March as Phu), Sirachuch Shuenthaworn (Micheal as Mhog), Gun Chunhawat (Gun as Tar), Sananthachat Thanapatpisal (Fon as Dao), Thanapob Leeratanakojorn (Tor as Phai), Supassara Thanachart (Gao as Sprite), Sedthawut Anusit (as Thee), Napat Chokejindachai (as Pop), Kemisara Paladesh (Belle as Koi), Thiti Mahayotaruk (as Non), Pearwah N.Chatchaipholrat ( as Pang), Narikunn Ketprapakorn (as Oil), Thanaerng Kanyawee Songmuang (as Jane), Teeradon Supapunpinyo (James as Sun)
Synopsis: It is new school year which brings some new faces into school with new problems, but for older students it is a new year with some continuing obstacles. 
Rating: 4/5
First season review here
Another shocking year for everybody! This year, this was definitely the most waited drama for me, because I just thought of the solution of the drama every week since the first season ended. I already say I am sorry if this review contains spoilers, because it is impossible to write review without

spoiling anything. This season involves a lot of more problems as drugs, sexual assault, sexuality crises, grief, teenage pregnancy, online identity theft etc.

As they changed the director from Songyos Sukmakanan, who became just producer, to Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, who before was just a co-writer. When first season had episode names after different hormones, then this time each episode has the name of the character about who the episode is the most.
Since first season PhuxThee couple gained a lot of supporters, but only to make things difficult Phu is too confused with his feelings. Phu suddenly became my least favorite character in series as he keeps hurting everybody without understanding it. He takes Thee for granted as he gets close to Toei,
but with every small trouble he is back at Thee. Phu does not handle his relationships well, because when everything collapses he searches comfort from other people. Luckily there is P`Bom who makes him understand and feel the things he has done. In the end, I hope that Phu learned from his mistakes.
Thee on the other hand is the one who has to suffer everything. Being heartbroken from time to time he finds it difficult to move on and act like nothing has happened. Well, everybody who have had their heart broken at least once know the pain of trying to get yourself together again. I really started to like Thee with this season, but it might be because I really can relate to him (one fact, did you know that Sedthawut Anusit is only 17?) . And of course there sweet little Non who makes all days brighter. Non is enthusiastic freshman, who is really confusing for everybody. It is impossible to understand him without misunderstanding his actions. He becomes Thee's best-friend as they both live in dormitory and well, it is just too sad to see Thee feeling alone all the time. I am waiting to see what happens to him next season, because at the moment he is going to be my favorite character.
Toei continues to have her friendliness misunderstood and just like last year, she has difficult time. Her episode was one that I really enjoyed watching as well as one that really got through to me. I am still amazed that Toei is the strongest female character, which at the same time makes her foolish and naive to think that she could stand against everything. There are situations where even the strongest women are helpless against men. Toei's friendship with Phu becomes more serious, but it does not mean that Toei does not have her doubts about it. At the same time, her friendship with Tar has gotten better as they both have moved on from last year events between them. They can be considered best friends who help each other. 
This season Tar became and stayed my favorite character. Even though he makes some bad
mistakes,  I cannot do anything than just understand and support him. He starts going out with Kanompang, shortly Pang, who is  Pop's little sister. Everything seems to be okey, but there is a saying that no matter what old love never rusts, which makes the situation uncomfortable to everybody. Kanompang is the biggest fan of SeeScape and Tar's motivator to form a SeeScape with new members. She is really sweet, but it is better not to make her jealous. Pop gets also more involved to the series as after breaking up with his girlfriend, partner at school TV, he hangs out with others. There is also Oil, who is the best friend of Pang. Most of the time she is just quiet and does not speak much, but you know what they say - still water runs deep. I think Oil did not deserve one whole episode for herself, I did not understand how they where trying to justify her actions, but I think we will hear more about her next season, because the wolf under the sheep's skin will grow.
Sprite becomes sweeter and finally calms down with her "sex-life". Phai influenced her a lot and
now she understands that it is better to go steady with one guy at time, but her "fame of old days" starts to haunt when she faces with fake Facebook account where somebody is flirting and going out with several guys at the same time. Things get more serious as people believe that it really is Sprite and her life comes threatened. With all this going, she is trying really hard to move on from Phai and starts to go out with Porche, Kwan's  half-brother, after they are introduced to each other.
Sprite also had an influence on Phai, who has become more of a good guy, but he still has many problems. With still having feelings for Sprite, he finds himself in painful situation, where he cannot do anything else than stay Sprite's friend through it. Phai also makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life, that definitely will haunt him for the rest of his life. I must say that PhaixSprite is my favorite couple from second season - you can see the affection they have for each other, yet you understand why they want to take the difficult road.
This season Kwan is not so much in the center of the story. She definitely has became more easygoing and not so pressed between rules. After all these months she has accept her new family situation and I felt that everybody acted like it is totally normal. As Win is not present, she gets closer to Mhog, but she is unsure about her feelings. What to say, she is a late bloomer and things like relationships and love stay far from her. Even though she is one person who has reason not to forgive Win, she becomes one person who still knows the most about him.
Mhog, on the other hand, enjoys the situation where he can spend time with Kwan, but his life is far from being happy and easy. After years of fighting with his father, he discovers that father actually has started to support him. Unfortunately, people start to change when they have understood that there is no time for fights. Mhog must become adult who can face the world. Mhog's episode was another one that kept me captivated and shocked.
There are only mysteries around Win, so if you do not know yet about them, I am not going spoil them either. He is like peaceful angel looking over everybody and feeling somewhat happy for others, yet feeling distant and outcasted. I liked that with his episode I actually learned a lot about true happiness, yet I understood how difficult it is to gain. With him, I definitely need to mention Jane, who is almost like a devil on Win's left shoulder, showing him way to hell. Who says that Win reached the bottom when in the middle of his existence he is fighting with his demons.
Lastly we have sweety called Dao, who is still stuck with her strict mother, whose overprotective actions make her school life hell. After losing her trust to guys, she developes feelings for her best friend, what brings even more worries at school. She is one character who has the biggest mental breakdown during this season and I am amazed that she was able to put up with it for so long. At least she understands that the easiest and fastest way to prevent troubles is simply talking. Who would gave guessed that? But I understand her, her mother went over the border one too many times. Koi, Dao's best friend, is lesbian even before, but has not said it out before. I do not understand why they make so big problem out of being lesbian?
As said before, there are 5 totally new characters who came from Hormones Next Generation program and we will see even more about them next season. What I did not like in this season was that it was really difficult to understand the time span as there was hardly any references what things are happening at the same time. There were so many really serious problems every one of them was facing, but at the same time I think you all have witnessed that 2014 currently is also messed up year. Generally speaking, you do not have time to feel sorry for one character or be happy for other, because so many things are happening. I think I would have preferred a bit more, when things would have been integrated more. For me it was months of emotional roller coaster, that I enjoyed while feeling sick of all those ups and downs.
Now we just have to wait for next year :P I truly hope they do not leave old characters out entirely. As Jane goes to Nadao, then I am hoping to see at least Win and Kwan in one episode. We will definitely see more about Dao, Koi, Jane, Pang, Oil, Non, Sun.
BIG THANKS AND HUGS TO KUDALAKORN, who was so kind and made subtitles :) Also, big thanks to JUNHAVATS, who made subs for first episodes :) We all would have a really sad world without amazing subbers.
In addition, here is music video by White Rose (band of Peach!). This song was used as a soundtrack in 6th episode.


  1. Hello Cypsis. I stumbled upon your blog after googling "dragonzakura jirou is so annoying" and started reading your review on Dragonzakura. It's not often I find myself agreeing to everything on an article, but I really did on your review of Dragonzakura. Especially the part about Jirou, I hate that kid so much.

    Anyway, good job on the reviews, I'll be sure to check it out regularly, by the way, I coudlnt find 'Kekkon dekinai otoko' on your drama list, I really recommend it as it was what got me into watching dramas, it's also with Abe Hiroshi in the lead.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey! I am really happy to hear that :D It only gives me motivation.
      I will definitely add to my list and try to start being more active again with blog - this year I have been really off the track, because I have so many things going on :S and I just discovered that I am being late for my lecture.... :D