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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love Julinsee (2011)

Also known as: Love at 4 size
Country: Thai
Genre: romance, youth
: movie
Cast: Alex Rendell, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Irada Siriwut, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Nutthapong Pibultankiet, Tisanart Sornseuk, Natcha Jantapan, Monchanok Saegchaipiangpen
A famous Big Mountain concert is happening. Four different song have four different stories to tell about the love. Love has nothing to do with age, needs patience, needs to be clear, but might make you lose a friend.
Rating: 4/5
I like the way they connected the different stories with each other by bringing them into the concert and also giving them a special song, which describes story the best. Most of the songs are performed by PARADOX. I totally love their songs =P These are great concert songs (like sometimes there are songs, which you like to hear from music player, but not on live, but I really would like to hear them on live more than from music player. You get the point?) The concert part makes sometimes think "WTRamen??"- their costumes are hilarious, but the truth is - THEY WEAR THOSE ON THEIR REAL CONCERTS TOO! the more I see them, the more I like them xD I must warn you that there might be many spoilers in my this time review, so I am not making a special "Spoiler-part". Hope you will forgive me!
1.Story - Fon & Boat. You can understand from the start that Boat is a pervert-minded bastard and actually his pick-up skills are horrible. Fon at the same time is very self confident and skillful. Even though the teasing is usual thing (Many girls love to tease guys just for fun. Guys cannot fight the nature, but girls can. Sorry, guys! But teasing you is so fun even when we, girls, do not have any feelings towards you) I know that the thing Fon does to him, is way too mean, but in some way he deserved it. But it might leave a lifetime trauma, so better girls - please do not try to act the same way as Fon did in the end.. But, guys! - never underestimate girls =P One side comment - "Girly guys are veeeeeeery popular in Thai - I am not sure, but there is the highest population of gays in the world. Their song is "SEXY" =P 
2.Story - Pla & Bright. Bright was so damn romantic (sadly I do not like that much romance), but he was the big-fat-liar. They were too lovey-dovey all the time. It shows really difficult feelings - was he truly lying about everything or was that only a BIIIIG misunderstanding? It was way too much deleted scenes to be sure in either of the possibilities. In addition, it has many lines to think about. Firstly - if woman wants something, then she should make it - it was the mothers way to think about life. Secondly, about the difficult relationship - "Waiting for a love or waiting for a break-up?". It was the main theme in this story. I can truthfully say that I was able to relate to this story the most because of this sentence. If you are in this kind of situation, you really do not know anymore what to wait for. It is the saddest story of the four of them, but like they say in movie "Sadness is a part of life!". Their song  songs "Waiting" and the song I was not able to find out.
3.Story - Hatai (Now) & Yo. I loved this story the most. Even though there have been many scenes deleted I still understood everything. I was amazed by their school - it was art school and I have never seen anything about Thai culture (except traditional dance in "First Love ~ a little crazy thing called love~"). The story is mostly about big misunderstandings and Hatai (I am actually not sure if that was her name) plays around too much. She tends to be childish, but there are many times she seems to be normal. I find her apologize so sweet, but it is sad, that those were not her real words. I understand why Yo was annoyed and said that he needs time to think. I bet that if you cannot understand it from movie itself, then you might understand it in trailer. If you still do not understand, then read the little spoiler part: This thing is actually called "best-friend-syndrome" - no matter where or what,  the best friend is there - on dates (like that concert) and so on. There is feeling like the best friend is everywhere and knows everything. Also like you can see in trailer, it was actually the friend who put those thoughts into Hatai's head, but it seems different in movie - again stupid cut-outs -.- I still liked it the best though, they were so cute together =P Their song is "Summer"
4.Story - Eua & Yok. It is the usual story of longtime-friends. Dating can ruin everything.  Many times just one or two kisses and it is already over (do not believe in dramas like "Proposal Daisakusen" that much xD). Many might say that Yok was overdoing everything by telling everyone, but I find that he just was happy. More seemed like Eua was over-reacting. She did not thought everything through before telling him and that led it to the point were they finally stood. If she had spoken up before, then it would have had diffrent end. (btw. There is no way to see it as a kiss. but it was definitely more than a friendhug xD.) What is funny is their dates and the "Rabbit/Moon" song. It has the most wicked, sad and funny lyrics I have heard recently. I bet she was just confused by all the situation, but you never know what happened to them in future, ne? (I tend to think all kind of sequels or different endings to movies/dramas, so people who like to do that, think about their future too)  Song.. could not find out...
What I do not like about the whole movie, is that there are tooo many deleted scenes! It makes it hard to understand everything perfectly and that is just more than sad. I am very looking to see deleted scenes, because they should be added to DVD, but I have not found them anywhere. So you can just see some parts of it from trailer (I strongly recommend to watch it!)
But I try to finish review with positive things. Many actors have their first debut in it! They are all so amazing and beautiful! They are not great cast for acting skills, but they are great cast because they make you want to see this movie soooo much! (like I did) and their acting is believable. Sometimes I though that it is not even acting, but real life and ,not like in "Halfway", I was not annoyed by that "feeling-of-personal-life-watching". Also, as it is 2011 movie, it is very nowaday-ish (is there a word like that??) -
I think it is one of the first movies (Asian movies) where I see Facebook and MSN. But there still are those Thai traditional things (like Thai dance in second story). The scenes are beautiful and they have used great shooting-techniques (I cannot give you an example, so just watch and see it yourself). It is very funny, cute and easy movie, with many bittersweet feelings. It shows different stories of love and every story has different conclusion just as in real life, so I think that most of you can relate to one or other story. It is truly amazing how down to earth stories it has.  (It was crazy thing to find out all the their songs because I cannot understand or read any Thai xD I hope you understand my hard road to post this review)


  1. hi Cypsis, I found the song Waiting. Go to this youtube link, enjoy

  2. what is the real name of bright :)

    1. The actor is Pravit Kadkaseam :)

    2. natcha jantapan aka mouse, former member of B.O.Y. means blood of youth in thailand...

  3. this link is better than what Anonymous gave you...

    1. Oh Thank you! The previous link is not working any more anyway. And You were right about the actor! I do not know much about Thai actors and one page gave me Pravit's name under it but now when I searched Mouse then he was the real actor in it, so I hope you will forgive me my mistake! Thank you again for pointing it out! :D

    2. the link aint work either=(

    3. I do not know it works fine for me :) Try again, maybe there was some connection error.

  4. The song from the third story is not 'summer'. I downloaded but the song didnt match with the one played in the movie. Can you please search the correct one for me?? I am in love with it.

    1. In English it is "Summer" - in Thai "ฤดูร้อน" (Rue Doo Raun) - search Paradox "The Love Scene" album. The difference comes either it is original, folk or concert version.