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Monday, March 16, 2015

Tazza ~the hidden card~ (2014)

Country: South-Korea
Format: movie
Genre: action
Cast: T.O.P, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Yun Seok, Yu Hae Jin, Lee Ha Nui, Kwak Do Won, Lee Kyoung Young, Yeo Jin Go, Ko Su Hee, Park Hyo Joo, Oh Sung See, Lee Dong Hwi, Kim Joon Ho,
Synopsis: The nephew of Go-Ni follows the steps of his uncle by having a talent to gambling. Dae Gil has being gambling for all his life starting from game tokens for children and finishing with big money. After a deal gone wrong incident he must flee his childhood city and enter to the underground world where people are not meant to be trusted, money has the biggest value and life can be as easily lost as a game. 
Rating: 5/5
I watched it in the plane while travelling to Japan and because I fall asleep on plane really easily I was unable to watch more than one movie on this 12 hour flight.

The hero of the movie is Dae Gil who is born talent for gambling. Back at his home city he is really self-confident that he can win everybody by just playing the game, but he does not know yet that out in the "big" world his talents can lose easily when other methods are introduced to the players. I love how TOP is able to play this playful young boy who goes crazy when he sees a beautiful woman. The first time it happens when he first sees Mina, who becomes big part of his heart throughout his life. In his heart Dae Gil is man who worships love and chooses love over money. With all the things going on it is not surprising to see Dae Gil change with time. More than once he seems to seek for peace and quiet. Some say that Dae Gil is made too "cool" just to approach more female viewers, but I disagree with it. Of course he is smooth with ladies when he has that kind of looks (Haven't you heard that girls get pregnant just by TOP watching into their eyes?). TOP has one of the best face expressions that I know from all actors and he portray of Dae Gil is superb. It is also the first role for TOP to actually show his body on a screen, he has been the only  man who has covered Men's Health in full suit.

There is a saying that never trust a beautiful woman, because they are the most dangerous. In Dae Gil's situation it is Miss Woo, widow who is mostly spending her decreased husband's money, The woman who is good at gambling, becomes Dae Gil's lover, but in the underground world love is something short to experience. Miss Woo is eager to take a revenge on others when she feels that someone has stepped on her toes. Lee Ha Nui (Lee Honey) also won awards for this role and her performance is definitely worth it.  

First time Dae Gil sees Mina is back in his home town. Mina is the sister of  Dae Gil's "friend". Mina is strong girl, whose life becomes a big road of sacrifices and paying others debts. In gambling she takes the name Kwang Sook which was the first name guess by Dae Gil. Even though she at first takes Dae Gil as a joke, but he is able to leave a big influence on her and she understands that fate does not leave them alone. TOP's and Shin Se Kyung's performance together is over the expectations. They have great chemistry and suit to be together on the screen.

Ko Kwang Ryeol from the first movie becomes one of the biggest teachers to Dae Gil. If you have seen the first movie, you will know his background. Without him Dae Gil would be long dead. I think they never remembered that they have met each other long long time ago.
The movie gives you the message that it is important to know when to walk away. There are many characters who are obsessed with money and it drives them crazy. Most of them are in the Gangnam house. There is also JANG  who becomes one of the most important characters. He is crazy bastard who becomes obsessed with Mina and obsessed with money. He is character to hate, when ever I think about him, I get pissed off.

The movie starts with really easy tones with things going rather well, but the more time on the darker it gets. There is a lot going on in the movie and it seems to change directions really often, but it is as Dae Gil says when he first meets Go Gwang Ryeol "Life is full of changes".
There are so many hidden messages in the movie that I only noticed on the second time watching. All the dialogue, face expressions, movements mean more than you first notice.
They have used awesome filming techniques and camera angles that make you live into the movie. It must have been amazing to see it on a big screen. Movie was also in USA cinemas. It is the sequel for "Tazza~ the high rollers", but if you ask is it needed to see the first movie, then I say "no, but you might understand more about connections between people". There are some names that will be familiar to you when you have seen the first movie too, but at the same time the lead characters and storyline is different, so it does not matter so much. Though some people say that the first movie is better. Movie is made after manhwa and I think it might cover all of it.
In addition, this movie is perfect example that most of the time money that you earn fast, you will also lose fast.
Here is the trailer.

SPOILER-review: Be ready to be backstabbed and killed in this movie. In this kind of action movies it is known that some good characters will die, so be ready for tears. I was crying also on a plane.. thank gyoza that most people were sleeping. In addition, I predict that there might be another movie coming in few years with Awkwi's pupil (acted by Yeo Jin Go) as a main character. If you ask when does Dae Gil swallow the card then look again how eagerly he is drinking his beer.