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Friday, May 15, 2015

Love Forecast (2015)

Country: South-Korea
Format: movie
Genre: love, comedy
Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Lee Seo Jin,Haw Young, Jung Joon Young, Son Ga In, Park Eun Ji, Lizzy, Park Si Eun, Kim Kap Soo, Lee Kyeong Sin, Kim Bu Seon, Hong Hwa Ri,
Synopsis: Joon Soo does not have luck in love.Whatever he is doing for the girl she is dating, in less than 100 days he gets dumped. His best friend is Hyun Woo who is stunning weather-caster, but in reality has a vulgar personality with though talking manner. They have been friends for 18 years, been for each other in good times and bad times, knowing each other the best.What if the most suitable partner has been next to them all this time?
Rating: 3/5
Woop woop woop - best friend love! Funny thing is how me and Yanne watched it. We wanted to watch it together but as Yanne is still in Japan and I am in my country it is kinda tricky. So we pushed play button at the same time and continued to give opinions in FB chat, because we have a bad habit of commenting everything. Still it was really nice way to "watch together". For me it is much easier to watch movies/dramas together than alone.

I must say that I actually understand why all women escape from Joon Soo. He is actually a bit wuss and I agree with Hyun Woo that he does not know really how to make woman's heart beat. Still, love is the most important to him in life and he is hopeless romantic. I think it was about time when Joon Soo lost his temper with all this situation. It is difficult to move on while you have somebody else still in your heart (believe me, I know what I am talking about). But I do not think that his ways of action where the smartest moves to make. I do not think it was the best role for Lee Seung Gi as he is capable of acting much stronger characters, still it is a great performance by him. It was debut for Lee Seung Gi with acting in a movie and his reunion with Moon Chae Woo after "Brilliant Legacy".
Then we have Hyun Woo, who has really strong personality, but loses it all when she is in love. She turns into woman who is willing to do everything for the man and is really really weak. It is true that it often happens to strong women, but still. At the same time I feel sorry for her, because through repressively trying to get the attention and love she is longing for, she makes rather stupid irrational mistakes and pushes away people who truly care about her. Oh! I almost forgot to mention - she is great friends with all kind of alcohol - the stronger the drink, the stronger the relationship! I think Moon Chae Won pulled it off really good, because she did act out all the different sides of Hyun Woo. The fact that her character was not my favorite was due to script and not her.
Yeom Hyo Bong also called Andrew is photographer who used to be Joon Soo's junior in university. He is the type of guy who goes after what he wants and he does not even try to hide it. That's why it is easy for him to step over the borders and make things uncomfortable. It is Jung Joon Young's first official acting role (he has done cameo appearances before) and I think he was marvelous. As much as I know then Jung Joon Young is nothing similar to Yeom Hyo Bong in real life, so it is great that for his first big role he got a character opposite from himself. It is rather easy to play a character who is exactly like you for the first role. Jung Joon Young has been one of my favorite guys from South-Korea for a long time, because of his awesome voice.
Hee Jin is love interest of Joon Soo for a while. She is controversial - on one side she is really bad ass girl working in a bar and wearing outstanding clothes, but on the other hand she is school teacher who wears glasses and all. She was my favorite character from the movie actually, because she was able to stand for herself, not let anybody change her and did not step on other's heels either. I kind of feel sad for her, because she was dragged into this messed up relationship square without having a clue at first. I was surprised by Hwa Young acting, because she looks rather similar to Park Shin Hye (If you do not know then they are look-alikes :D) and I already thought "Did Park Shin Hye started to take her acting classes again?" Sorry! Bad joke! It was good discovery that it was actually Hwa Young, because I doubt that Park Shin Hye would accept second female-lead position when she is first-lead actress.
There are also friends of Joon Soo and Hyun Woo. I think I never clearly understood their story, because their story is totally on the background so you will already forgot where it stayed and compared to other lives, they seem to move much faster. But they are great characters who make you see the story from a different view too.
I do not like that one moment they changed the opinions too fast. I love when characters do not change into totally different people after something happens but more about in spoiler-review.
Actually this review is written in July, because I forgot to write down it in May and I totally forgot it. But you all know that reviews are added to the month I watch it. I still do not understand how I was able to forget to write it down in time.

Spoiler-review: The thing about changing is about the moment when they get together for the first time. Hyun Woo is suddenly all lovey-dovey and totally other person that she used to be and of course that is really uncomfortable to Joon Soo who fell in love with that macho-chick who is violent and insults all the time. Oh what a taste.. 

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