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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fabulous 30 (2011)

Country: Thai
Format: movie
Genre: romantic comedy
Cast: Aum Patcharapa Chaichue, (Ken)Phuphom Phongpanu, Peter Corp Dyrendal, Nithit Warayanon, Warinda Dumrongpol, Aornarnitch Peerachakachonpat, Sasipint Siriwanij, Benjawan Peantumdee, Aorada Arayawuthi, Nutthapong Pibolthanakred,
Synopsis: Ja is celebrating her 30th birthday when her boyfriend announces that he wants a time-out. Year later, a young guy Por appears at her birthday and he has a plan to make everything he can to make her fall in love again. As a successful woman with strong belief she has met her rival in life who is willing to change her life.
Rating: 3/5
Thai film industry is really good at several things: youth, horror and love. "Fabulous 30" is definitely one movie that every girl who has gotten her heart broken should watch.

The heroine of the movie Ja is strong woman who seems to have everything - great job, great friends, good looks, but that does not guarantee security in relationships. She is is a woman with a plan, but she does not think that plans made for two have much smaller possibility of becoming true than plans for only yourself. That is exactly what happens when her long time boyfriend says that all these were Ja's plans not "their" plans. Despite looking like a 24 years old, Ja has big issue with her age (and somehow most younger guys have too), Sometimes yes she seems to be overly mother-like, for example for cooking food. Ja has really strong principles about life as not dating younger men, that is the biggest issue between her and Por.
Porasit, with nickname Por and real name Rasit, is 7 years younger than Ja. Por is free willed young guy who has no problems to hit on a woman who is liked by his friend, of course we can argue who liked who at first. Sometimes Por seems childish or kind of creepy for trying so hard, but at the same time he is making everything Ja is actually looking in a man. He knows exactly how to create interest so that Ja would like to get to know him. The actual age difference between the actors is 13 years. Ken is more known to his acting in Thai dramas and modelling. If anyone is interested that he has 3 upcoming dramas this year.
The other man Nop can be called a douche-bag who is afraid to get tied down to marriage. He can be understood that he is afraid and not ready, but his way of doing thing is just wrong. I think one thing is saying that  he is not ready for marriage, but the other thing is that compared to men, women have their biological clock ticking and they cannot wait forever with babies. He is exactly the type of guy who wants to have woman under his influence so that she could not move on. Nop actor, Peter Corp Dyrendal is actually Thai-Danish born singer-model.
As usually girl can never have enough friends. Ja has great friends who are really honest with her. With best friends there is a rule that only them can pick on your outfit and see through your lies. They also give the best advice to Ja when she needs it the most. There is also really cool guy Sen who has a crush on Ja and is Por's best friend, but his broken heart is easy to fix.
I like how the movie concentrates on age, even though age is just an number to show how long have you been on this planet, but it does not define the person who you are. At the same time, everybody are so obsessed with being young forever, thinking that after 30 you are old and ready to go to grave. But in reality, 30 is just 1/3 of your whole life (if there is no other factors between) and it does not show how intelligent you are or how many experience you have in life. You can be 3 times younger than someone, but have 3 times more experiences.
Other thing is age difference in relationships. Of course most people are freaked out by age differences at first when it is big, but I think this is something everybody have to think themselves. Love never asks about the age. I used to have thinking that my "boyfriend" can be only 1-2 years older than me, but now it has changed to -2 to +10. I do think everybody should have at least some limits.  If you fall in love with someone who is much younger or much older than you, then it is okey. What there is to be afraid - social standards? they change all the time! But even with this talk I believe that it is not okey to date woman/man twice your age - especially when he/she is really rich. I doubt that it has anything to do with love - it is more love for money or mom/dad-syndrome and that is just sick.
In the end, live your live the fullest, love with all your heart and stop worrying how many candles there is on your birthday cake!

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