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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Imaginary Cat (2015)

Country: South-Korea
Format: drama in 8 episodes
Genre: drama,
Cast: Beetle, Yoo Seung Ho, Chi Hye Jung, Solar, Han Ye Ri, Park Chul Min, Lee El, Solar, Kim Min Suk, Shim Min, Choi Twae Han, Kim Hyun Joon,
Synopsis: It has been already 7 years since Hyun Jung Hyun found Bok Gil in a dumbster on a rainy night. Hyun Jung Hyun is aspiring webtoon artist, who is working part-time in book-store to make the ends meet, and Bok Gil is his supporting cat. One day Hyun Jung Hyun meets Oh Na Woo, who becomes the first woman to make a difference in Hyun Jung Hyun's and Bok Gil's every day life.
Rating: 3/5
It was the comeback movie for Yoo Seung Ho after releasing from military service.
The awesome thing about this drama is that it makes you think about many things. With quick episodes it still rises to question many social problems starting from our pets to overcoming the loss of a friend. The script is based on webtoon "Cat's Imagination"  by Kim Kyung.

I waited long enough to see Yoo Seung Ho back on screen and definitely he was the star of the drama. He and Beetle. But Beetle was just natural in it. His character, Hyun Jung Hyun has been through a lot, but he let's only some of it influence his life. He can be stubborn and strong by his personality, but yet know when to keep his mouth shut and back off. It is not a strong drama for a come-back, but it definitely is a drama that melts viewers' hearts. What makes the situation even cuter is that Seung Ho actually went to the press-conference together with Beetle.
As I said - Beetle is a natural star of the drama. I am a huge cat-lover and Bok Gil was a great example of showing cat's sassy personality. What I did not like regarding to Bokgil, was that some moments I felt that the director or the scriptwriter did not read the cat mood at all. I bet it was difficult to get Beetle in the scenes acting as they wanted (not that it is impossible to get cat to act, but I hope you understand what I mean), so I understand that some scenes might be off, but still when cat's tail is moving as she gets angry, then it is weird to put the text of cat being peaceful and happy. Some moments just left me angry and sorry for Beetle.
I must say that despite trying to make the leading lady appealing, I started to dislike Oh Na Woo the more I saw her. She is just naive and does not understand life so much. She can be annoying with her attitude and the things that she says are just stupid. This girl should really start thinking before opening her mouth. I undestand that they wanted to make her naive and pure, but she ended up just childish. As a person who has had many cats in my life (growing up at the countryside meant that we had to have a cat in the house, but unfortunately we had curse of 3 years - no cat lived longer than 3 years),  I find it really stupid that she even thought that Hana is alive - come on girl, it has been 7 years and you just had it for 3 months! Move on! Another suspicious thing was "her relatives "lost" the cat" - after being forced to grow the cat. Seems a bit too well "lost". Cho Hye Jung's acting really is nothing much. It was her first lead role and many people speculated that she received the role only thanks to her father Cho Jae Hyun. Nobody knows for sure if it is true or not. With some extra acting classes, she can definitely improve her acting skills.
It seems that I am just saying bad stuff about the drama, but there are actually so many cute lovely and funny moments that it is worth to see it. This drama sometimes was so funny that it almost killed me - literally. One moment I started laughing so much that some of the jelly I was eating, ended up in my lungs and I almost suffocated. If I were a cat, I definitely lost one of my lives with it. I must warn you that if this kind of thing happens to you, then you end up coughing jelly out of your lungs for extra 30 minutes!
In the end, I wish the drama had been a bit more about the past and what really happened to Solar's character, Hyun Jung Hyun's high school friend. I would be so happy if somebody would just give me the pre-story of the drama. I would like to watch it much more than this drama. So, scriptwriters, you know what I want to see next time! The pre-story leaves so many questions hanging about every character in the drama and in a way I understand that it all was in the past and the current story is about other stuff, but come on - the things from the past seem more interesting than the current story in the drama.
That has been it. I guess I am out of words and I hope you liked my review, even with giving you a lot of bad stuff about it. If it made you re-think about watching it, then I say again, Yoo Seung Ho and a cat in a drama together!? What else reason you need for watching it?

Spoiler-review: Well, what a surprise that Bokgil turned out to be Hana! Woah, nobody could have seen it coming. Though, this moment when Na Woo asks Jong Hyun to give back her cat, made me actually think who is the rightful owner of the cat? But then I understood that already asking this question is stupid as Jong Hyun has been the person who raised Bokgil since she was a kitten and Bokgil cannot even remember the time with Na Woo. I know that in reality animals have amazing memory when it comes to their old owners - especially when they have great memories together - and the fact that Bokgil did not like her at all in the start, means that she has no rights over the cat. End of story. Move on, Na Woo, and stop being such a spoiled brat! 

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