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Monday, November 28, 2016

Summer Love (2015)

Country: South-Korea
Format: web-drama in 2 episodes (6 min per ep)
Genre: romance, youth
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Im Yoon Ah,
Synopsis: Min Ho and Yoona have been friends for years, even though most of their communication is arguing about pointless things. When Yoona is offered a chance to move abroad with another guy, Min Ho decides it is time to come clear with his true feelings.
Rating: 1/5
Let's start of with the fact that it is actually crime to call it a "drama" even for "web-drama" it is not enough. In reality we are dealing with product endorsement for InnisFree "Summer Cushion". Who are not aware then InnisFree is South-Korean natural make-up company. The price of this cushion is around 25 euros (26 dollars) on their web-store. (Seriously I would like to go to South-Korea just because of their make-up companies). 

I am a bit annoyed that it is called "Summer Love" as "summer love" has the meaning of "love that started and ended in the summer and it was just once in a life time love". So already those small facts that do not match with this title:
1) they are friends for many years making it long-time-thing and not as short as just summer
2) the story is set during the university term and it is not summer-time as it is not exam-time or close to the end of term, so it does not match with being in summer
3) the only reason for "Summer Love" becomes from the "Summer Cushion" product.

There is nothing much to say about the characters, because what kind of character introduction and development you are waiting with that time? I would like to see the same storyline as a good 12 episode drama - friends who keep nagging at each other yet everybody thinks they are or should be together. It would make a great comedy.

As advertisements have to be, the "drama" is all built-up on visuals and not have any deeper story or dialogue behind it. One last note: through out the study-night they did not drank a single sip from their drinks - are they even real people?! I know I am slow-drinker, but at least after 4 hours my cup is empty.
In the end, it is eye-candy for Lee Min Ho and Yoona's fans and good promotion for the product, but I would rather see it as commercial on a street or during commercial break on TV.
I already feel like I am going to call these kind of "web-dramas" actor's "quick-money" or "easy-money", "show your face some minutes, say few lines and wons are falling from sky" :D
Due to the shortness of the video, I will just put here the first episode for you to see.


  1. Oh girl, you're a better woman than I am. I LOVE Lee Min Ho, but even I couldn't make myself sit through a long, glorified ad. XD Good of you to do it for me, though, so I can just read about it!

    Nice to meet you, and consider me incredibly impressed with how many dramas you've watched!


    1. Well as I have a plan to watch all of Lee Min Ho's dramas and movies while he is making his military service (which should happen this year), then I would have watched it sooner or later anyway :P

      Nice to meet with you too and I must admit that I am interested of your book. Yes, I am guilty of making "background stalking" XD I hope that in future I will get a possibility to read it too.