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Friday, February 24, 2012


SHABAKE (2007)
Country: Japan
Genre: supernatural, mystery
Format: TV-movie
Cast: Tegoshi Yuya, Tanihara Shosuke, Takasugi Ko, Miyasuki Hiroyuki, Maya Miki, Kishibe Ittoko, Okada Yoshinori, Takaki Yuya, Saotome Taichi
Synopsis: Story takes place in Edo period, where young Ichitaro is able to see ayakashis (ghosts/supernatural beings), but he keeps it secret from everyone. He was born with weak health, which makes his parents worry about him more than they should. While he tries to find a way to connect with his separated half-brother, murders start to take place. 
Rating: 3/5
I fancy all kind of supernatural things and since I am a fan of anime "Natsume's Book of Friends", then I reallly liked "Shabake" too. Shabake is actually made after same-named novel by Hatakenaka Megumi.
To start with, Ichitaro's character is plainly weird. His mother acts like he is 5 years old, he acts like 10 and in reality he is 17 and dad tries to force him to marry. Ichitaro is kind, intelligent and friendly. Even though, Tegoshi Yuya played the main role - Ichitaro's character was just weak, so he does not make any impressive impact on viewer (expect for Tegoshi's fans, who "kya~!" every time he is on screen).  Mostly he has that annoyingly sweet, calm and "lets make the world a better place" nature and voice.
 Hakutaku and Inugami were Ichitaro's bodyguards, servants and babysitters. As people they are known as Nikichi and Sasuke. Tanihara Shosuke is quite cool in it - Hakutaku/Nikichi is wise, thoughtful and composed. At the same time Inugami/ Sasuke has very short temper, many times scared and rather stupid, but his loyalty is astonishing - his similarity to dogs comes out in consistent barking, if you do not know then in rough translation Inugami means "Dog-god" (If you know Inuyasha, then his father was Inugami too). Hakutaku is here referred more as a horse with many horns, but actual meaning of Hakutaku is Bai Ze - Chinese mythical beast who is half lion and half goat, has many horns and 8 eyes.
Ichitaro has a Byobu Nozumo in his room - he is some kind folding screen ghost, who cannot leave the room. Also there are yanaris - they are second-best ayakashis. They are made with 100% computer - they are sooo cute and funny~! My favourite ayakashi was Suzuhiko-hime. "She" is so beautiful, stylish, elegant and I liked that "she" had some feelings for Hakutaku. but there is a joke with "her" (read the review of second series for that)
About human-beings: Dad is stupid and believes in all kind of charms. He made a very stupid
mistake in the past, when he got one other woman pregnant. But I think that even worse is mom's actions - because of her Matsunosuke (that half-brother of Ichitaro) was kicked out and left on his own under the clear sky. I understand it is painful etc, but it was heartless. AH! there is Eikichi too - he is Ichitaro's only childhood friend, who does not know about Ichitaro's special ability either.
Story is interesting if you like supernatural things with a loony side. You might hate the shootings - even though it is 2007 year movie, it looks like from the start of 2000 - I know the video had a bad quality too~!
Spoilers: The end is rather unexpected. I did not understand why Ichitaro did not think that mother kept all these years it a secret that she can also see ayakashis, while he was suffering. Beside, he did not leave any sign that he was surprised by the fact that his grandma was ayakashi! In addition, I understood that the woman Hakutaku loved was also grandma - why not when granny was over 3000 years old and Hakutaku over 2000...

Country: Japan
Genre: supernatural, mystery
Format: TV-movie
Cast: Tegoshi Yuya, Tanihara Shosuke, Takasugi Ko, Miyasuki Hiroyuki, Maya Miki, Kishibe Ittoko, Okada Yoshinori,Takaki Yuya, Saotome Taichi
Synopsis:  Ichitaro's adventure goes on. He starts to feel earthquakes, which no-one else does, and a voice telling to kill Ichitaro. His grandma gives him one flower's seeds and also tells Ichitaro's mother to let him go to Hakone. Mother approves it and Ichitaro takes up a trip to Hakone with Matsunosuke, Hakutaku and Sasuke, but only two of them arrive to Hakone, where earth trembles even more and people are more vulgar.
Rating: 3/5
Funny, that many people do not know that Shabake had a sequel too - there are only view places to read about it - and one is here!! ^^
It was more interesting than the first movie, also it had much better screening - all shooting was great and they added more believable computer-effects.
Ichitaro was even more naive than in the first movie. He and Matsunosuke were ready to sacrifice themselves for each other all the time and that's why they got into really stupid situations.
Mostly the movie dedicates on jealousy and how people tend to compare each other lives. Most of them tell that Ichitaro is so lucky and his life is easy, but in reality he is hanging on the edge of a life and death. I do not understand why people are jealous - everyone have their lucks and happiness as well as serious problems and worries - some of them just do not show the bad side to the whole world.
Even so, Himegisama story is sad and made me cry. I have never liked humans personality for its two-faced being, but this is just so wrong in the movie. She is so sweet little girl.
In fact, there is Death Valley/Hell Valley/Great boiling Valley in Hakone. It is a popular tourist place, which stinks, and where you can buy longevity eggs.
Now the "joke" about Suzuhiko-hime.. "She" decides to help Ichitaro. After that you will meet with a wanderer Suzunosuke - and you can see that it is a guy, but
Gyoza sake how similar he is with Suzuhiko-hime. and then you want to find out the actress of Suzuhiko-hime and actor of Suzunosuke and then there is the truth that they both where played by Saotome Taichi - one of the most famous taishu enki (kabuki one form) actor and he usually plays young males and beautiful women. Well, how many girls have confidence that they are pretty as girls when they must stand beside him - he makes a prettier girl than most of girls are... In the end, I felt like both Ichitaro's father and mother are going to abuse him O.o Father dragged him home and just look Mom's glance at him =P


  1. can you please tell me where i can watch this with eng subs??? i already watch the 1st shabake. i think its cute... and now I'm desperately finding for this but i can't seem to find this.. so please help me.. where can i watch this with eng sub?? please?

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  2. NEWS Express fansub (shortly NEX fansub) subbed it, so you should contact them. they must add you as a friend for you to dl it, because dl link got friend-locked after one week. I am afraid that it is the only possibility to see it.. Hope you can see it, because I found it more interesting than the first one :D

  3. ate Cyps !!
    heloo !!
    I miss you so.. here I'm visiting your blog again. . :"D
    you know, I've already downloaded this movie. But what I had is non-sub so , sucks . . and then, after watching for about 2-3 mins , I shut down the computer to rest . . you know what happen next?
    oh the hell has come. My copy was lost and , and I don't know where did it go !! TT.TT
    I'm craving for more Tegoshi movies. . TT.TT
    thank you for this blog and, I can review it. . ^_^