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Sunday, May 6, 2012

SuckSeed: Huay Khan Thep (2011)

Country: Thai
Format: movie
Genre: school, music, romance, friendship
Cast: Pachara Chirathivat, Jirayu La-Ongmanee, Nattasha Nauljam, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert,
Synopsis: Ped had never listened to music until introduced to the music world by a classmate Earn (sometimes written Ern), whom Ped had a crush on. Unfortunately soon after Earn left to Bangkok for good. Years later they meet again, when Earn moves back and starts to attend the same high school. At the same time, Ped's best friend Khung (Sometimes Koong) decides to make a band Khung &Friends to pick up girls and one-up his popular twin brother Kae. Things get serious when Khung also fells in love with Earn, who has amazing guitar skills, and up-coming is the biggest youth band contest.
Rating: 3/5
It is really funny and sad story about friendship. love and music. I have not seen many Thai movies, but I mostly kept laughing during watching it. I know that most viewers have loved this movie.
Ped is controlled, the good guy, shy and he cannot say his feelings out loud, which makes situations difficult for everyone. It is not like he has no his own thoughts, but he wants to appeal to everyone and does not want to have fights. Jirayu La-Ongmanee was the only actor from leads who has acted before - for others it was the first role ever.
Khung is the cool guy in their friendship. He does not think much and wants everything fast, he has those small short-lived thoughts that he never accomplishes. Since childhood he has been competing with his popular twin brother Kae. It is actually very sad to see how Khung felt like he was loser, because his brother succeeded in everything. Even though you can see their fights and not talking in the movie, you can still see that brothers are brothers and they will step out for each other when needed. As I told he falls in love with Earn, his confession is one of the most cutest things on Earth. Pachara Chirathivat acted both Khung and Kae's roles. He was nominated for Best supporting actor at National Film Association Award 2012.
Last member of the Khung &Friends is drummer X (Ex). He is the unluckiest of them, because he prone to all kind of accidents - most of the time he has some plaster casts or braces. He has a love story of his own too. On this moment, I remind you that there are a lot of gays and tomboys in Thai, so it adds more fun to the movie. His father, a baker, tends to tell many embarrassing stories of him.
Earn is very supportive, positive and understanding. I do not know if it is a big spoiler, but I did not understand why she started to play for The Arena (Kae's band). I know she wanted to play at the contest, but she knew that guys thought of The Arena as their biggest rival - especially Khung.
They explain the meaning of SuckSeed in the movie - I guarantee that it is not something nasty to do with sucking and it is not "succeed" written wrong as I thought at first.   What makes this movie really special is that they added cool music scenes, where real Thai bands make an appearance, into it.
Although, I do not understand a word of Thai language, these songs are amazing and thanks to the translators I got to know the lyrics too - plus points for those as the lyrics are connected to the situation. Here's some names of the bands - Bodyslam, So Cool, Aof Big Ass, Black Head, Paradox etc. In addition, it shows the evolution of music listening devices - it starts with cassettes, then CD-players and ends with I-Pods. I bet that all 90s kids remember these things.
All actors play the instruments for real and Suckseed became an official band, with Nattsha Nauljam, for Mun Kai Mak (Chick Mountain Music Festival 2011), when they were given an opportunity to perform with professional bands.

SPOILER review: I think that it was wrong of Earn to use Ped's lyrics for The Arena song. I know that Ped had written the song for her, but it does not mean she has to use it for winning. It was so sad that Ped and Khung did not talk for so long time. Almost in the end, they are at class reunion, where they make up again. The saddest is that Ped breaks up with Earn ("mates before dates"), but they still do not stay friends with Khung. 


  1. Where can I watch this with eng subs?

    1. Search from places like:;;; - I checked them all and it looks that most streaming sites have it in English, so it is really easy to find. :)

  2. What is written in album case last part???

    1. Hei! Unfortunately, I cannot help you, because I do not know Thai language :/
      Hopefully someone else can help out :D