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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loser Lover (2010)

Also known as: Sudkate Sakateped
Country: Thai
Format: movie
Genre:romance, comedy
Cast: Arak Amornsupasiri, Ramita Mahapreukpong, Kohtee Aramboy,
Sudarat Butrprom (Tukkie), Toni Rakkaen, Pongsthep Anurat,
Synopsis: While going to the audition to become singer, Sukane falls in love with Mayom on the first sight. Sukane is ready to take on desperate measures to make Mayom really notice him and his honest feelings.
Rating: 3/5
It might be one of the weirdest comedies I have seen lately. It made me laugh so much because of its stupidity.

Sukane is guy who almost never shows a sign of sadness or disappointment. He is called "Thrice-boy, because he never gives up until he has tried to succeed for 3 times. Until then he keeps smiling. Actually you can understand that in a way he gets sad deep in his heart, but he does not show it out. It is basically like "Fake it until you make it". I think there are things that he totally takes over the board, but it all serves his purpose. I think I would like to have this kind of experience once just to check how it feels, but I am afraid that I would call police really fast. I have dealt with stalkers, so I get really freaked out if something like that happens. Of course, I do not support falling in love like that and all their story does not make any sense, but this is the style of the director.
Mayom is not feminine woman and she can be really awkward. In a way there is nothing special about her, which makes everybody wonder what Sukane sees in her. Her biggest weakness is not being honest with herself and others. She wants to show that she is hard to get, yet she does not even understand that she is falling faster than raindrop. Mayom also has a long time childhood crush who has gone far with his life. His coming back makes Mayom understand many things that before seemed unclear. I like that they show that sometimes things that you have longed for change into something that you really do not want. I bet we all have lived through something that once you have it has lost all the meaning with the time of waiting.
Ander is the biggest surprise character in the movie. I even wondered if Kohtee is a real person. I do not know how I have not met him before in movies. He is said to be really famous comedian in Thai. Here he is wearing a fake beard that makes him look like a little monkey. I was most amazed by his voice, because it does not sound human at all. He also shows his singing skills in the movie. Under is funny dude who falls in love already with a thought of someone without actually seeing her before. That adds a lot of comedy to the movie to see how Ander and Kipzy are overwhelmed with their illusions and do not think rationally. Sometimes best friends just use this weakness to fool around.
Kipzy is almost the star of the movie. I find Tukkie the most amazing Thai actress, because she is really talented. Despite being 30 when it was filmed, she plays perfectly Kipzy's age. Kipzy is waiting for love and is desperately in love with one famous singer. Most of the time she is really outrageous in her actions, yet she not naive and shows that she has feelings. I like that Tukkie as a true comedian likes to over act with her characters. Though, some say that her outfits in the video were childish, then I must say that I liked them as she was kind of a follower of lolita-fashion.
Form other girls I really liked Om because she is really sweet. She is the prettiest of them and she fights with the problem that guys find her too pretty and are afraid to come close. That is when people think that you are out of their league. One other actress also played in "Little crazy thing called love" - some actresses look way too young to play high school students.
Mayom mom is earning money with network marketing. She earns already a lot in high positions, yet her way to get contracts is by cheating people into signing the contracts. Of course girls give her a small help with confusing people. But, I was a bit of annoyed how they portrayed network marketing, because it is not like that and no one ever should trick people into it. At the moment, network marketing is getting more popular and even some old companies are changing their network market percent in their marketing. I understand how they are making fun of it, but I also think that these kind of things have influence on people opinion on it. I really do not find anything bad with network marketing when it is done in a right way.  
It is a really nice movie to have a laugh. It was really big hit when it came out. I admit that with this movie I started to like Arak more, because in "My name is Love" he had way too distracting hair (Yanne totally disagrees with me and actually promised to hit me really hard for saying that)

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