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Friday, May 30, 2014

100 days with Mr. Arrogant (2004)

Country: South-Korea
Format: movie
Genre: comedy, romance
Cast: Ha Ji Won, Kim Jae Won, Jin Tae Hyun, Han Min, Yong Seon Hee, Hong Ji Young, Han Seok Sik, Lee Eun Kyung, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Yong Geon,
Synopsis: After being dumped by boyfriend on their 100th day anniversary, Ha Young is really depressed and by accident meets with Hyung Joon - handsome college guy. As Ha Young damaged his Lexus, but has no money to pay for the damage, Hyung Joon makes her sign the enslavement agreement for 100 days, making her into his personal slave who cleans his apartment and runs his errands. As soon as she learns that she was tricked by him, she decides to take a revenge, but he still keeps intervening her life and soon she finds herself in love. 
Rating: 2/5
To tell you the truth I was never really interested in this movie, even though people said it is a great one. But I admit that it has some great points and even similar things have been used later – like the beginning fantasy part  in “Playful Kiss” and same 100 day contract in “Marry me, Mary”.
But as Yanne told me "This movie is only good when you are a newbie to Asian dramas and movies".

At first I did not recognize Ha Ji Won at all, even though I just finished "King 2 Hearts", but maybe it was because she looks so young - well it was 8 years between those two. I did not like that girl got really obsessed with him, because the basic thing about relationships is that “once it is over, move on”, but I understand that it is difficult when person even does not accept that it is over. Even if the break up came without direct words "Let's break-up/I am dumping you etc" - you finally need to stop being depressed and waiting for him/her. But she was not the sharpest pencil in the box from the start.
I do not know if the quality of the video was in fault of it, but Kim Jae Won definitely did not seem hot to me and I just wanted to take scissors and give him a normal haircut. I am amazed by the fact how much has the idea of “hot-guy” changed with these years. He was not the most fit Korean guy like we now usually see with great chocoabs, because from nowadays standard some might say that he had some extra kilos. 
A lot of people say that he has beautiful smile, but here I was just able to see really horrifying grin, but I try to count it as a mistake of the quality. But at the same time, I was not even impressed by Hyung Joon's personality - he was bitchy and arrogant, but in a different way than most arrongant-rich-boys-now. For me, he did not do any special thing to fall for him and I got even more and more confused. 
For minus points I must say that there is a biiig difference about different comedy-styles and this was something that I did not like. I do not think that wet-dreams, shi*ting and boogers are funny – these things in movie make it lame and cheap and definitely not funny.
In the end I just lost interest in it and wanted it to stop. I think that maybe I would have liked it more, if I had seen it before, but still it could have never been more than these points.

Of course there are a lot of people, as I said in the start, who love this movie. Many of them find it sweet and romantic comedy about young people love, so I leave them to think so.
I did not enjoy it so much and was rather bored. This is actually made after internet fiction, which I believe might be much greater and interesting than the movie.

SPOILER-review: Though I did not understand the real end. She had become rich and same arrogant as mr. Arrogant, and started a noona-love?? It was so confusing as they hinted like the whole situation starts again, but that means that they did not stay together in the end which means so much of your one true love. If anyone can explain me the end, I will be so thankful!

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