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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Papa to musume no nanokakan (2007)

Country: Japan
Format: drama in 7 episodes
Gerne: comedy
Cast: Aragaki Yui, Tachi Hiroshi, Kato Shigeaki, Morita Ayaka, Mada Mayumi, Aso Yumi, Yashima Norito,
Synopsis: Kyoichiro and Koume are father and daughter whose close relationship faded with years of Koume growing up. After sudden visit to Kyoichiro's mother-in-law they get into train accident on their way back. They discover that the accident has changed them more than just some bandages - they have swapped their bodies. For no scientific reason Koume is trapped in father's body and Kyoichiro in his 16 year old daughter's, to stay away from mental hospital they decide to act the role of other until they find a way to get their real bodies back, but is teenager capable of leading a work team or middle aged man handling girl's school and love problems?
Rating: 3/5
There are a lot of this themes dramas or movies - like USA "Freaky Friday" (1976 and 2003), Korean "Secret garden" (2010) - so it is no different body-swapping. Actually there are a lot of similarities with "Freaky Friday", which both are made after novels, but different novels. "Papa to musume no nanokakan" is made after Igarashi Takahisa's same-named novel.
Kyoichiro is over-protective dad, who denies the fact that his baby-girl is growing up. Most of the time at home he spends watching old home-videos where his and Koume's relationship was great. I think it is something that all dads must accept that there comes time in daughters life where they do not spend that much time with fathers anymore - it does not mean that they love their dads less than before, but the situation changes just a bit. Kyoichiro seems to be invisible man in society, he has lost all his motivation to live and tends to give up before trying. Because of the body-swapping, I must talk about two different things more - firstly, when he is in Koume's body, he really is ruining her youth - It seemed to me that he was not capable for anything! That made me so mad - failing in school, acting stupid with Kenta-senpai and friends... just too annoying. Secondly about the actor, Tachi Hiroshi is an amazing actor!! The way he plays out Koume's character is amazing. He does not overact and he really seems like teenager in old man's body. Of course it is weird to watch his and Kato Shigeaki's scenes, because it might make you want to puke if you see how middle aged looking man fantasizes about young handsome boy.
Koume is definitely not "daddy's girl" - she smart and fast thinking girl, who is not afraid to speak her mind. Of course, while being love with Kenta-senpai and sometimes does not care if she is in her dad's body or not. Through body-swapping she learns how less she actually knows about her parents past and they had ended up in a situation where they did not seem to be a family anymore. About Aragaki Yui's acting... well, it is just another schoolgirl drama for her, definitely outdone by Tachi Hiroshi and Kato Shigeaki. But I think that one of the most funniest lines Koume has is "I do not want to die. At least not before Saturday!" (she had date with Kenta-senpai then - as we see her priorities and reasons are all in right places)  and she tends to do Nyan-cat's sound from time to time, even though Nyan-cat's sound first was done officially in 2010.
Kenta-senpai is school's most popular guy, who is football player (which is total irony, because Kato Shigeaki actually sucks in all sport fields which needs ball). As he is just a side-character, he does not have much screen-time, but I just really really like him XD Kenta-senpai is most frustrated by Koume and her dad body-swapping, because suddenly Koume is acting really cold towards him and Koume's dad is really fond of him.
From other characters I really liked mom - she was the usual housewife, who loved her family the most and the grandma was great too. A bit senile old granny who is still full of life-spirit. I totally
hated Nishino - she was just crazy bitch who was already psycho! If you watch the drama, you will know why I am saying this - but yeah, she is one woman-type who I really dislike.
Drama reminds that sometimes it is good to see things through somebody's else eyes (but not so literally) and we all should try to understand our parents or children more. I do not know if you can see big differences in Kyoichiro, but Koume learns a lot from this exchange.
To wrap things up, I will say what my sister said about this drama : "It is a heartwarming drama that makes you wake up at 8.30 AM in the Saturday morning, just to eat breakfast with your father." (She really did it)

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