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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kare wa imouto no koibito (2011)

Country: Japan
Format: originally a keitai-drama, later made into a movie
Genre: romance, comedy
Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Hiraoka Yuta, Michishige Sayumi,
Synopsis: Miyuki is 24-year-old woman, who works at flower-shop and has never had a relationship. All due to her little devilish sister Haruka, who takes everything from her starting from clothes to stealing all Miyuki's crushes' hearts. When Miyuki runs into her first love Ito Ryosuke, events take a weird turn and he ends up living with the two sisters.
Rating: 4/5
It is really sweet and cute rom-com and you cannot believe how much I laughed while watching it.
Ishihara Satomi as Miyuki looks so adorable. Miyuki is rather shy, quiet and very rational, she gets so easily embarrassed and acts simply awkward. Sometimes her actions looked really foolish, but then again it was understandable for a woman who has never been in a relationship and has had only few chances of talking to men she likes. She never expresses her real feelings and rather looses the thing she likes to her sister than fights for it. It is all because her sister Haruka has always gotten what she likes and when even parents tell Miyuki to give up on things because she is older, then what do you expect? 
For a shy girl it is unthinkable to say it out loud that she likes somebody - even I once lost a guy to my friend years-years ago, because I did not have the guts to admit to her that I do have feelings for him. Even though.. she asked if I like him after she had asked him already out... But this is what happens to shy girls who do not express their feelings properly - THEY LOSE THE GUY! and because Ito-kun is too important to Miyuki, she finally decides to fight back. There is so much comedy about how Miyuki tries to give her best and win his heart. I do hope that no girl ever buys this much flirt- and love-books or tries to use ALL instructions, because that is way too weird and obvious. Another funny things come from Ishihara Satomi's priceless face expressions, Miyuki's wild illusions and her colleague's smart-talk - I must say that even I learned some new things and understood others from him.
Haruka is totally opposite of Miyuki. She is spoiled, used to get what she wants, she has a courage like a mountain, but she does not care about other people's feelings at all. Michishige Sayumi was
really cool in this role and fans say that it was perfect role for her narcissistic personality. I watched some of her TV-appearances and she really thinks too much of herself and her cutesy. I think a woman is never cute or beautiful when she says that all other women in the room are less cute than her. There is no way you can ever feel sorry for Haruka. She might be the first bad-character in dramas/movies, who does not make you pity her.
She is like 100% of evil and devil. I have seen other dramas with "sister being a devil" or "2 sisters=1 man" ("Seigi no Mikata", "Hanawake no yon shimai", "The Marriage Plot"), but she is the meaniest sister of them all! I even heard that from some Michishige fans! Sadly she has not have many roles, but this role showed that she might have really good skills. I would say that Haruka actually would be the worst girlfriend, because of her lack of sympathy toward others, her jealousy and over acting. Most of the time she was really childish and again I end up with question "Do Japanese guys really like that high-pitch voice and fake attitude?" (woah. this review is making me want to talk too much about myself for comparison, but I'll hold myself back..)
Ito Ryosuke is played by Hiraoka Yuta. I have always liked his acting and even this time he did not fail to fill my expectations. Only negative thing is that in script they have left out the things that show Ryosuke's feelings toward girls. You can see the small regret when things come to ex-girlfriend, but to Miyuki and Haruka, sometimes it seemed that he has friendzoned them and next moment there comes this really sweet full of emotions look at Miyuki. Ahh made my heart beat :D Especially I liked him in Miyuki's illusions, because I doubt that I have seen him acting the madlypassionateinloveIjustwantyourightnow-guy. Ryosuke is sweet, cares of everyone, has a high value in fairness and truth. He kind of a changes the lives of both girls.
There are some cool characters more like Miyuki's gay-colleague and Haruka's ex-boyfriend. As I told, there are some new things you can learn from it, but please remember that the most effective way to make someone fall for you is to be yourself. 

SPOILER-review: In the end, when they were holding their cactus, it looked like their were holding and watching their baby. It was really funny and cute, but weird at the same time. I would have wanted to see more "what happened next", but it was all due to my curiosity. 


  1. where can i watch this with eng sub?

    1. Hey! Unfortunately there are no streaming available with English subs (Youtube only has in Japanese).
      DL possibilities should be on Raredoramas page and ENG subs were made by Hello!Fansubs (but their page does not seem to work anymore..)
      If you send me a message on Facebook, then I might be able to share my files with you as I should have them somewhere.