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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noriko goes to Seoul (2011)

Country: Japan/ South-Korea
:drama, music
Takashima Reiko, Lee Hong Ki, Katsumura Masanobu, Ikura Manami, Kim Ji Young, Han Jung Won, Oh Yong, Im Jong In, MayBee, Kim Sun Hwa,
Mori Noriko is a Japanese housewife, with workaholic husband and complicated teenage daughter. Noriko is starstruck with Hallyu star Kim Hyun Jae and studies Korean because of him. After finding out that she has lung cancer she makes a decision to go to Korea to take part of music audition in order to proudly stand on the stage in front of world, family and Hyun-chan. On the first day of audition she meets Kim Min Ha, a young Korean man, who is aiming to debut as a singer. They become each other mental support and coaches through music and life.
: 4/5
It is a must see movie for Lee Hong Ki's admirers and to be honest he was the reason why I wanted to watch it in the first place. As usually I have freaking weird thoughts before watching it and I was kind of sure that there will develop something love-like thing and then it is put on test by their age, nationality and the fact that Noriko is married for 17 years and has a 16 years old daughter. Thank Kimchi that most of my thoughts are not right. I do feel a bit silly at times..

Noriko is a brave woman who knows what she wants to do before facing the operation. I do not
approve her all decisions, but I respect her for standing by her beliefs. If she would stop acting like a teenage-fan, then she would be great. Her unwavering persistence has an ability to move human heart, especially the ones which are locked behind seven doors. As a fan Noriko is a bit extreme. I think that it is wrong to teach your child by bringing examples of your favorite idols. Your star might be an example for you, but you should set an example of yourself to your children. In that way she really is pathetic. Besides, it looked like Miyuki is annoyed by that "Hyun-chan did it, Hyun-chan said that.." but who wouldn't?? 
Kim Min Ha is the star of the movie, well actually he is just a guy in his 20ties who wants his
dreams to come true. Most of the time he is childish, conning and laziness is in his blood. At the same time he has had many difficult experiences in his life like losing both parents before reaching adulthood. I know what it feels like when life decides to end your childhood in a similar way and even I know that many times I give my best to smile just in order to fight against the world. Min Ha is mentally more grown-up than his former school-mates who have much easier life. He is strong, but at the same time he has separated himself from others. At first sight he finds Noriko easy and naive middle-aged auntie, but after getting to know her more, I think that he saw something similar to mother in Noriko. It is usual that after losing someone important you might feel connection with people who remind the person.
I am sad that they did not show how and why Noriko married to that man. Her husband had turned
into most neutral man in the universe. Actually, the sad truth is that most Japanese families consist of workaholic husband and housewife. I like that the movie shows how Noriko's leaving actually reminds him that he must take part of solving family problems too. Family issues are not something to ignore, because otherwise it is too late to take action when the whole family is already fallen apart. Their daughter Miyuki is a usual teenager who does not go crying to her parents as the first thing. She was once victim of school bullying and she is going through something similar again. One thing to keep in mind is to never put locks on children rooms - it actually should be a common sense of parenting, but I wonder why so many do not think the possible things what could happen when child locks herself/himself into one room. Better provide the security in house than break down the door to get child out.

One of the bad sides of the movie is that it gets a bit boring in some scenes or the development gets slower. And of course I cannot get over the fact that Min Ha seemed to understand Japanese without learning it. In the end he had learned some Japanese, but while Noriko was having long Japanese monologue then he actually did not know much Japanese - or are you telling me that guy who does not finish even high school has a natural ability to speak and understand foreign language?
This movie is great motivator for going towards dreams with full power and getting all kind of friends all over the world. World has globalized and this movie shows that there are no limits like nationality, culture or language for friendship. I have friends all over the world and I can feel it even here on blog when I see where my readers are from (yes, the fact is that I can see it, but only countries) and that makes me really happy. For me all my readers are very important and I hope that you like me too so we can be friends here (wow, I drank a cider and Pisang Ambon and now I am getting all emotional -.-)
One definite highlight of the movie is in the end when Min Ha checks out Miyuki. I think that we
can make sequels out of it. I would like to see Noriko’s face if Min Ha starts to show more interest in her daughter – after all, their age gap is only 6 years. Another great scenes are scenes of Lee Hong Ki's ass - if this continues I will develop an ass-fetish...
I almost forgot to mention the inside jokes they are having - as a lead singer of FT Island he sings their song "I'm Happy" and "Don Quixote" on audition; also Noriko performs FT Island's "Sarang sarang sarang/love love love". Later the band Island is just the FT Island without Lee Hong Ki. Seems like a promo movie for FT Island. Sadly I did not recognize other songs, so you are welcomed to leave the names into comments. 
Another version of its review by me is also available on Loreinstonecities as I made a friend post there (Lore-unnie asked it from me) . There are some different things written so do not be afraid to check it out :D

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