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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ai to Makoto (2012)

Also known as: For love's sake 
Format: movie
Genre: musical, comedy, drama
Cast: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Takei Emi, Saito Takumi, Ono Ito, Ando Sakura, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Yo Kumiko, Hitoto Yo, Ichimura Masachika, Maeda Ken, Kato Seichiro, 
Synopsis: Makoto is a high school student who live has been messed up since he was born. He goes to Tokyo to get revenge on the person who ruined his life. He meets with rich family's only daughter Ai, who falls in love with him from the first second she hears his name. Ai is risking everything in order to lead Makoto toward happier and decent life.
Rating: 3/5
I saw it on festival in open air and I bet that might have influenced my opinion on the movie. Having fresh air, many people, big screen and night sky can make movie watching much more funnier and enjoyable.

Makoto is really cool character. Even when Ai is head over heels in love with him, he has an attitude of "F*** off! Leave me alone already!". He is not interested in romance at all. He is not bad - he is just doing things to survive in this world. He has his own purposes to do things and I felt that he hated when someone else was trying to tell him what to do. Tsumabuki is amazing in this role. I did not recognize him at all, because suddenly he looks really masculine and hot. The fact that despite his age he is still able to act as a teenager shows his talents. He is the definite star of the movie.
Ai is kind of a naive and delusional. She has a long way until she grows up. She is willing to throw everything away for Makoto and her beliefs are unrealistic. Her actions actually bring Makoto much worse things than she thinks. Most of the time when Makoto gets beaten into a vegetable or gets seriously stuck with laws it is somehow connected to Ai. I think that she is one of the most otherworldly character I have seen.Takei Emi seems perfect for this role, because she looks like all goody two shoes.Also, her voice is just appealing for this character. I wonder if I know some character who is stupider than her. 
Iwashimizu is another stupid pathetic guy who is in love with main girl. In a way he and Ai make a great pair, but as a man he is worthless. He follows Ai to everywhere and likes to think before her, but fortunately or unfortunately - I am not sure - she does not listen to him at all. Close to the end he actually proves that he is worth at least a little bit of respect, but other times he is only "nerdy four eyes". There are moments when he wants to say something great or threat someone, but  his words never make sense.
Yuki is the most messed up character in the movie. She made me feel like puking several times. We
all know the phrase "still waters run deep" and it is exactly the right way how to describe her. It must have been though for Ono Ito to act this part, because her appearance did not let her show her true intentions and thoughts, but maybe only give small hints about it. There is a schoolmate Gonta, who "looks the same since 8th class" but whose actual age is more than double than that. He is in love with Yuki and when Yuki hangs too much with Makoto, then you may bet that Makoto will have a lot of more trouble than he had before. Gonta is very disgusting person, but at the same time he is one who is a true match for Makoto.
After Makoto my favorite character must have been Gumko. Awkward yankee girl who has chewed the same gum for years. It is so sick! Underneath her yankee-personality is a totally different girl hidden. She is the only one whose dreams get shown and through the scenes she looks so helpless and funny that I just felt pity for her. I think that her solos was one that had the biggest meaning to me. Sakura Ando even received a "Best supporting actress" award at 2012 Mainichi Film Awards for this role.
Takashi Miike is a director who likes to experience with different genres and techniques. This is the
first time doing a musical, so the songs and performances are funny and pushed to the limit. He goes into extreme with bringing out the characteristics of musical. The music performances bring in the comedy and I bet that there was no watcher who did not laugh at them. It is almost like a parody of musicals, because it is impossible to take these scenes seriously. 
There are always faults in watching movies on open-air festivals in your own country - in a way I trust more fan-subbers (I SUPPORT YOU!), because as usually my country translated everything from English translations, but there were many sentences which meanings changed a bit from the original, but even those were halfhearted as some of the most important things left untranslated. I understand Japanese enough for simple conversations and stuff, so I understood, but I bet that about 95 % of people watching it there with me did not understand anything they were saying in untranslated scenes.
It is a great movie if you want to have a great laugh and only next morning start to think the story behind it. It has a lot of violence, rude speak and also a harsh truth about life's dark side. It is based on same-named manga by Ikki Kajiwara.

SPOILER-review: In the end Makoto actually died from his wounds. I cannot believe that he died through teacher's hand. Stabbing from behind is the most sneakiest way to revenge someone and to think that all because Makoto's fist broke his nose and manly pride. If they had shown how Makoto collapses between her arms then I would have cried my eyes out.

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