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Monday, October 14, 2013

My PS Partner (2012)

Also Known As: Whatcha wearin'
Country: South-Korea
Format: movie
Genre: romance, comedy, X
Cast: Ji Sung, Kim A Joong, Shin So Yul, Kang Kyeong Jun, Kim Sung Oh, Jung Soo Young, Moon Ji Yoon, Kim Bo Mi, Kim Bo Yeon, 
Synopsis: Hyun Seung is devastated by news that his ex, with he shared 7 years, has found a new boyfriend only with 2,5 months after breaking up with him. On one night he receives a phone call from unfamiliar number. On the other side of the phone is Yoon Jung, who wanted to call her boyfriend, but makes a mistake with a number, and without knowing their partners they share phone sex. One time mistakes develops into unrealistic friendship, that makes them wonder what they really want from life.
Rating: 4/5
A great movie to watch on Friday night (if possible with a partner), because it sure sets you into the mood. And that's why I watched it on Monday morning in day light to keep away the mood (sometimes single life is stupid). It definitely is not for under 18 year old, because it contains a lot of nudity, unappropriated scenes and vulgar language.

Hyun Seung takes the break up really seriously. He basically has a mental break down when he finds  out that his ex So Yeon has moved on with her love life. Well, I do understand him, because 7 years is too much to simply go to another man with 2,5 months. In my point of view there are 3 possibilities for this kind of action: 1) She stopped loving Hyun Seung a looong time ago 2) She already had new guy waiting a looong time ago 3) The new guy was simply too good package, so he was a great rebound-guy.
Hyun Seung is a guy who suddenly is lost in his life - losing long time girlfriend and doing job that he dislikes. Everything seems messed up. He wants to be composer, but until now he has been writing music into his drawer. But he changes and shows a really masculine side after growing out of depression thanks to Yoon Jung. There where so many moments I thought that he is actually fantastic, but then again he was able to say something nasty. Some say that as a A-list actor it was wrong of Ji Sung to take this role, but I think it is important to try various genres for an actor who wants to keep developing.
Yoon Jung is really one of a kind woman. She is getting near to 5th anniversary with her boyfriend
and is waiting for him to pop the question. Because marriage seems to be the only logical path, she ended her career to prepare for married life, but it looks like Seung Joon has everything else in his mind than developing their relationship. That's why she is filling her time with designing and selling lingerie online and trying to seduce her boyfriend again. I like how they show the uncertainties she has, because most of the time she is really hardcore independent woman, but some times things make her really vulnerable. I feel that most of the time she is trying to convince herself that everything is okey with their relationship and the path she has chosen is right for her. Side information, the outcome of her lingerie-line was that my purse collapsed in lingerie-store, because suddenly it got really empty.
The boyfriend of her, Seung Joon, is a rather bastard, though a hot bastard, but still a bastard. He takes Yoon Jung for granted and has stopped investing into their relationship. I understand that he prioritized work, but every woman would take as a big insult when they dress up really sexy for mood and then get turned downed. WHEN WOMAN IS OFFERING HERSELF TO YOU, A MAN SHOULD NOT REFUSE! Women are scary, ne? Relationships are not for staying at one comfortable place, they need improving so that they could overcome obstacles. If there is a problem it must be discussed, especially when only one can see the problem.
There are also long time friends of Hyun Seung who lighten up some situations. Seok Woon sees all women as wholes to score, but even he understands that sometimes people need more than sex. The other friend at the same time is trembling in fear that his girlfriend, who went to Europe for a year is cheating on him. They are not the greatest friends and are weird, but actually they do support Hyun Seung in his life.
I liked some sentences or ideas that they had in the movie. So I thought I will bring them out here (not exact words). In reality I had a long opinion written about them, but I think the review would go
too long (if you are really want to know my opinions then let me know and I will make a post about them on second blog). First one is: "love is so obvious - you fall in love and then fall out of love. You get your heart broken just so you could fall in love again. People who decide to marry just get tired of this endless circle." I like this, though my opinion on marriage is very different from it.
Second: "Cheating is for men with money" - I do not know if it is right or wrong, but it made me laugh and reminded me something I read online - "when man cheats in a movie, he is bastard, but when woman, then it is love-story". I know it is weird for me to say it (call it sexist or whatever), but in movies men always cheat on right woman with a wrong one, but women cheat on wrong man with a right one.
Another one: "Guitars are like girls - the sound gets better when handled gently" - you can also thing of it in a non-perverted way and it is really cute and true in both ways! As I told you already women can be really dangerous and scary, but if you do not push our buttons, we might act nice.
And the last one is "How can anyone love you when you do not love yourself?" - I have lived with that motto for years and guess what - my life is much happier than before! I am literally my best friend and psychologist (well, that had nothing to do with this subject). I know that it is much easier to like to somebody else than to yourself, because in the end you know yourself the best, but if you have except to love yourself as you are, then others start to love you too. 
 It is a great comical sex-movie (without too much porn) and there are thing to learn from it. The first reason why I wanted to see it is because there are not many South-Korean romance-comedy movies that handle sex-subject so openly (I think I know 3 with it). I hope you find it enjoyable too.

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