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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Acoustic (2010)

Country: South-Korea
Format: movie
Genre: music, drama
Cast: Shin Se Kyung, Lim Joon Il, Baek Jin Hee, Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue), Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue), Im Seul Ong (2AM),  Choi Deok Moon, Kim Jeong Seok,
Synopsis: Music can change lives, whether you sing or hear the one song what makes you feel that the world has born again. The movie will follow 3 different stories about not losing hope in this world. 
Rating: 2/5
The movie follows the usual path of omnibus movies - three different stories which have little to do with each other, if we leave out the posters or small hints in other stories. As you might suggest from the title and synopsis the main point of the movie is music.

First story: Broccoli.It speaks about a girl who has a rare disease and is going to die soon. I am not sure whether the part of her being able to eat only ramen and nothing else is true or a lie, but she really eats only ramen. Se Kyung then writes her swan song and starts to go through people to make a CD debut. Se Kyung does not talk much and leaves her thoughts to herself. It is difficult to say what relationship she is having with Ji Gyu, but it seems that at least he has some feelings for her.
Second story: "Bakery Attack" tells a story of two guys who wanted to make a band, but due to being far from success and growing lack of money they need to sell their guitar. Hae Won is always up in
the clouds with his thoughts and forgets the guitar to a bakery store when he makes a small stop before meeting the buyer. Once again guys understand the true meaning of music. Most of this segment I was laughing. Kang Min Hyuk really suits into love-eating-cute-guys-role who have a different kind of thinking. At some moments it even seemed that Hae Won is missing few cells. Lee Jong Hyun at the same time plays older brother Seong Won, who is more mature and realistic, but at the same time perverse and negative. The outcome of their song was really good and the one I am willing to listen the most as I do listen to CN Blue songs (leader and band-member Jung Yong Hwa actually paid a visit to filming set to support them). It was acting debut for both of them. The original story is based on Haruki Murakami's short story.  
Third story: Unlock. The story takes place in future, when technology and sound is used as weapon. Songs and music as we know them do not exist anymore. Ji Hoo falls in love with Jin Hee a girl who
has prosthetic arm after accidentally causing her hospital bill. Jin Hee has a little memory of her past and the only things she has left from her parents is an old thing she uses as a mirror. It turns out that it is an old I-phone, which we use at the moment. They decide to fix it in order to restore Jin Hee's memory of a past melody. It took a bit to understand what is going on in this story, but then it turned out great. There are times when I really enjoy sci-fi  themed stories and this is the one time. We all know that the century of technology is going to end one day and with high chance of a catastrophe (okey, I am just being negative), but it is true that with the moment speed of technology development the "new" things turn into antique within 6 months! That's why it is interesting to see how they are rediscovering I-phone and literally try to push it to unlock it. How many of you know how use 20 year old technology at the moment? (I do not know the time difference in the movie, but it was more than 20 years - have no idea about the girl's age)
Most of the music is indie-music, but I do not understand what they have to do with broccoli? In 2 main songs there is at least once mentioned broccoli, not that the lyrics of first song is about broccoli. Well, it is used only as a matter of speak, but don't you have any other comparison? I understand that there was a broccoli right in front of her all the time, but it still does not make sense. Why anyone would put up a photo of broccoli into a hospital room? To make patients lose their common sense? It only made me want to eat steamed broccoli.. Other than that the OST is worth listening.
In the end, it got only 2 stars, because it looked a bit amateurish by its filming style and story lines, but it makes sense as it was director Youn Sang Hun's first movie too. I must say that just as in the "Broccoli-song" the movie does not have a right high-point and it is just going its own road. I think the scene I enjoyed the most was when Hae Won is having an inspiration moment on the street - it made him look like music genius. In all stories you must think through with it to follow the story line, because in the end they make a big gap and you just must fill it yourself. If I must say then it did not meet my expectations in any way, which is sad.
It was a good time-filler for me and maybe in a different mood I would have found it remarkable, but at the moment the depth of the point was too deep for me to understand it, in case it had it. Maybe it was that when you really like something then do not give up and maybe you will be successful at least a bit and who knows there might be listeners even in the distant future - so you better record it.
It was recommended to me on Facebook. (Thank you, Honeysenpai) Feel free to recommend me movies (and dramas, but I am afraid that I would not be able to watch them soon) and I will try to find the time to review them!

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