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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gokusen the movie (2009)

Country: Japan
Format: movie
Genre: school, youth
Cast: Nakama Yukie, Kamenashi Kazuya, Miura Haruma, Takaki Yuya, Miura Shohei, Ishiguro Hideo, Nakama Junta, Kiriyama Akito, Namase Katsuhisa, Utsui Ken, Kaneko Ken, Anan Kenji, Waki Tomohiro, Koike Teppei, Koide Keisuke, Hayami Mokomichi, Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Ichigaki Yuma, Sawamura Ikki, Tamamori Yuta, Kaku Kento, Irie Jingi, Morisaki Win, Ochiai Motoki
Synopsis: Yankumi has a new class, the former 2D, but guys still do not trust her. At the same time Odagiri Ryu become a teacher-in-training under Yankumi in Akadou. The last 3D has graduated some time ago and is finding his place in life and in their workplaces, but suddenly Kazama becomes involved with dangerous underground world, which makes everyone, especially Yankumi, worried.
Rating: 4/5
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The movie is the best way to put an end to Gokusen series. It is heartwarming and final. It would be ruined if there would have been any more than it.
For the first time Yankumi has the chance to show that she meant her words when she said that she
will always be the teacher for her students, until now we have only seen her being updated with Kuma's doings. I just thought and understood that from all my teachers only my middle school teacher is updated of everyone's doings, but she was the closest to us too.
It is nice to see how much Yankumi cares of every single one of her students and how big influence she had on guys. I always thought what would happen when Yankumi must stand against a gun, but now I have my answer.
Odagiri is just how he used to be - not talking about his problems while it is clearly seen that something big is bothering him. Of course that is the reason why he is coming to search Yankumi in the first place. Odagiri is also the same when it comes to understanding Yankumi and her actions - there is still no sunset in the way where Yankumi is running. I loved that he took the time to talk with new class to make them see that they are going to understand really soon that Yankumi is as no other teacher before.
The story starts going after Sawada gets involved with drugs and goes missing after failed business. Everyone who know Sawada also know that there is no way that he intentionally got into this business. Of course the previous 3D shows that when needed they come together again and help each other, but of course that is due to the fact that they just graduated some time ago.
The only perpetrator is Terada-san a successful IT-business man who sells his story "from delinquent
to proper human-being" to bring himself fortune. Sadly he messes with really wrong people. The first time Yankumi sees him, she is reminded of Shinohara - a policeman who Yankumi had feelings for in the first season. That knocks her of her feet, but after learning the injustice, there is nothing that is
going to stop her from showing the true side of him.
Beside these story-lines they do not forget new class who still has not accepted Yankumi, but in is only natural that after several times of saving Reita, the leader of the class, and also appearing in television where she is fighting with terrorists or criminals will change any guys mind about their small nerdy-looking teacher.  
I feel like after three seasons of showing how Yankumi stands for her students it brought me tears into my eyes to finally see that when situation needs the guys are doing to same for her and fighting beside her. The whole movie shows how much the characters from previous seasons have matured.
Only main guys who do not return in the movie are Yabuki and Sawada, which is really really sad, because as I said in the first season review Sawada plays extremely important role. I was annoyed that they do not even mention them and with everyone others it seems that non of the main guys from first or second season speak with each other, except Takeda and Hyuuga. So much of being friends for life time.
At last I have finished something as important as "Gokusen" - It is and will be one of the greatest school dramas in Japan. And when we think about the fact that only Matsumoto Jun and Akanishi Jin did not participate in the movie, then the movie is still a total Ikemen paradise which consists of the highest number of the hottest Japanese actors in one movie.

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