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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cyborg She (2008)

Country: Japan
Format: movie
Genre: time-travel, romance, sci-fi
Cast: Koide Keisuke, Ayase Haruka, Kiritani Kenta, Ai Risa, Ebisu Yoshikazu,Tanaka Kei, Endo Kenichi, Ibu Masato, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Yoshiyuki Kazuko, Taguchi Hiromasa, Takenata Naoto,   
Synopsis: Jiro has always celebrated his birthday alone, eating spaghetti's in a restaurant and buying himself a present. It's all until he meets one of a kind girl who wakes him from his boring life, but as soon as she came, she also leaves. One year later she comes to him again, but only now he gets to know that she is actually a cyborg sent to him by his future self in order to keep him alive.
Rating: 2/5
"Cyborg She" is counted as one of the best movies in Japan, so I had really big hopes for it, but in reality I only got disappointed a bit. "Cyborg She" is the last movie of "Sassy Girl trilogy".

Jiro is the most average guy ever by his personality. He does not have anybody else besides his friends and later kanojo. He falls in love with Cyborg really fast, which is understandable because
they live together and see each other all the time. But exactly these feelings are what start to ruin everything, because it is difficult for her to develop human feelings like having a heart racing because of a kiss, yet he finds it frustrating that he is the only one having feelings. I like that they put in a lot of jokes about him having "male thinking" as she was still similar to human woman. I think that Jiro is rather childish and immature, but slowly he is growing up. On the other hand, if I watch this movie from a different angle, then Jiro is a man who creates a perfect woman for himself, which is similar how some men have dolls as their wives. I must say that Koide Keisuke gets hotter with years and I more recognize his face with recent years. His acting in "Cyborg She" is rather average and nothing remarkable.
She does not have name and is always called "she" ("kanojo" or "cyborg"). She is physically really
strong and she is programmed to rescue Jiro whenever there is a potential danger. She does not have human feelings and there is so much that Jiro has to teach her. It is really funny how she is learning new things and messes up something.. like cooking Jiro's pet lizard. It is really difficult to say what she does by programming and what by feelings, because there are a lot of things that future Jiro asked her to do. Ayase Haruka is priceless in this role! She even took special martial arts classes to be up to the role. I think it is amazing that with every new movie/drama I see by her, I start to like her more and more and recognize her talent for acting. Keep up the good work! I think that Ayase's acting was the only thing worth watching in the movie. 

For my surprise, it had so many changes and I think that even in the end I do not know how they did
it. The reason why I did not give higher rating, is that they had 2 hours, but had only some long scenes, which might have had better use. At the same time, the scenes were rather amazing by their concept. I think there was only one scene that I seriously loved and this was the part of going back to Jiro's past. Maybe if they had explained some things more or showed more of other scenes, I would have liked it more.There were too many confusing things. Another thing is that the dialogue was not the best one and was more like first draft. 
I know that there are many many people who love this movie and consider it as one of the best love stories, but for me it just does not appeal. I am sure that within a year I remember only one or two things about the movie. I will be grateful if somebody who likes this movie would comment below and give opinion! (But please no hate-comments - we all have the right to give opinion, but no right to insult others for different opinion!)

: After a lot of thinking then the only logical explanation for this movie is that it is called "time-loop" - He created cyborg to save himself, but he created cyborg to look like the girl, because when girl went back to past, she changed the future, even though she thought that she went back because she wanted to meet Jiro, when he was still living. It is really complicated but it actually makes sense - Jiro created Cyborg because he had met the girl, but girl went back because he created the Cyborg. That is why it is time-loop. I am pretty sure, that if she had not gone back to year earlier, then he would not have created it.

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