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Friday, April 25, 2014

Kindaichi Kosuke vs Akechi Kogoro SP (2013)

Country: Japan
Format: movie special
Genre: historical, detective
Cast: Yamashita Tomohisa, Takei Emi, Ito Hideaki, Endo Kaname, Asaka Mayumi, Emoto Tokio, Oshinari Shugo, Kusamura Reiko, Magy, Haniuda Amu, Masuoka Toru
Synopsis: Kindaichi Kosuke is a rookie detective who got fast fame by discovering few crimes, but being so young, he does not get a lot of job offers. One day he is called to investigate a missing person case of two pharmacy families who have been on the foot of war for years already. The more he investigates the deeper into the secret he falls. At the same time, old detective Akechi Kogoro takes interest in Kindaichi Kosuke and decides to keep a eye on him to see him working. 
Rating: 3/5
To tell you the truth, then I have not been impressed or interested in “Kindaichi Kosuke vs Akechi Kogoro” for a single time and it continues even after watching it. Only difference for me is that now I see it as SP of “MONSTERS” with time travel to past. 

Kindaichi Kosuke is young detective who does not get many job offers, because there is also famous detective Akechi Kogoro. Kindaichi is rather ignorant when it comes to listening others opinions. He is blinded when it comes to beautiful women and is easily fooled by lies. I kind of a got annoyed that he changed so much his thoughts, because what you can see from Akechi is that detective should keep his thoughts to himself until it is 100% sure who is the criminal. I think for Yamashita Tomohisa, it was actually role that was way under his abilities and it could have been played also by some really newcomer, but well, at least they got some ratings out of using him. 
Akechi Kogoro looked like he actually did not have many job offers either as he had all the time to run spy after Kindaichi and interrupt investigation all the time. Okey, actually he almost canceled a lot of cases just to stay there, which I think in one way is really stupid. I did not understand that how nobody recognized him as most of the time his undercover costume was really bad. I know that this time they did not have systems like now, but his photos actually were published before also and to think that even no-one from police station thought who he really was. I liked that he was actually kind-hearted. It was nice to see Ito Hideaki competing with Yamashita Tomohisa again. Information for those who do not remember - they were first and second lead in "Buzzer Beat". 
I actually liked Takei Emi in this role, because she is one actress who I like to see in different roles. In addition, she plays out the character really well - all her tiredness and feeling of helplessness. Hatsue is really young and is forced to take over the Honke faction. Though she is young and still does not have all the knowledge needed, she tries to stay strong and keep store going. Only person to who she shows her weakness is Kindaichi. In reality, there is more than just a pretty face as the mysteries and untold secrets are gathering behind her back from her childhood. 
The thing I liked about this movie was that it shows the period of time where Japan was already getting western influence making so people carry on the classical ways and other to become more and more modern. Most of them already had telephones at home and the fashion style started to change. I think this was the most interesting part for me. But there also were things that I did not like, but about them in the SPOILER-review as it is all about the end.Actually there is a whole series of installments of Kindaichi Kosuke stories with about 20 different actors in role of Kindaichi Kosuke. I bet a lot of you also know Kindaichi Hajime, who is actually the grandson of Kindaichi Kosuke.

SPOILER-review: I was actually really annoyed by the end. I liked that Hatsue ended up being behind the murder plan, but I do not like when they start to give emotional lecture and everybody feels sorry for her. No! She planned a cold-hearted murder and no reason makes up for it. “I’m all alone!” – well, yeah when you kill the person with who you exchanged vows. But I liked that she was the murderer as it is a good spin-off. Most of all, I did not like how Akechi was playing Kindaichi, while Kindaichi was already sleeping back in his house. I do not know exactly why, but the outcome seemed too unnatural for me.

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