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Monday, July 13, 2015

One missed call 2 (2005)

Country: Japan
Format: movie
Genre: horror
Cast: Mimura, Yoshizawa Yu, Chisun, Seto Asaka, Peter Ho, Ishibashi Renji, Shadow Liu, Okubo Hakobu, Kobayashi Toshie, Wanibuchi Haruko, Koizumi Nana, Oshima Karen,
Synopsis: One year has passed from the death of Yamashita-san and the chain has started again when a man dies after picking up the call meant for her daughter. It goes on with group of friends of the daughter. After police starts the investigation, they find that this time there is no jawbreaker candy. but only goal dust in the stomach. Threads lead them to old Chinese goal mine every things might have started.
Rating: 1/5
This is the least known movie from "One missed call" series, because they have really unknown cast also. I had know idea what to expect from it and it turned out to be even worse than my no-expectations, but it sure was funnier  than the first movie.

In the end it was so confusing that I had to discuss it for a long time with my friend - how, who, when. There are so many questions left hanging that maybe I understood it or maybe not. My final thoughts are in Spoiler-review.
As Yamashita-san died and Yumi is still missing detective Motomiya tries to continue investigation, hoping that he can solve the mystery. He is helped by young wannabe detective journalist Takako, who is still feeling guilty of her twin-sister's death. She is really independent, but at the same time she likes to act on her own before thinking trough everything. She is like all over the place all the time and I do not understand how she managed to be at different places so fast. But do not worry that is not the weirdest thing about her. She also is said to be married in a way with one Chinese man, but Takako's emotions and feelings are really difficult to understand. I definitely did not understand her actions or how her brain worked.  Even though Kyoko should be the heroine of the movie, it more seems as the main character is Takako.
Once again we have sweet girl who thinks that she might be able to help to calm down revengeful spirit who is out there to kill. Kyoko is kindergarten teacher and I must say that the first scenes at kindergarten were the scariest out of all the movie and they were left untold what there really was. Kyoko is like little-miss-goody-pants who puts all her time into studying and forgets that she is still young and that she has rather hot boyfriend who loves her. In a way, I get really pissed off when I see characters like that - maybe because actually I am similar by putting too much energy into work? Again I did not recognize the actress. Even though, most of the world counts "One missed call" as her most famous acting piece, then I actually know her from one of my favorite dramas "Tokyo Bandwagon", though I still do not like her acting so much.
For the last important character we have Naoto - Kyoko's boyfriend who despite not seeing her so often because she is studying, still is willing to sacrifice his own life. He is only character who was not familiar with the "cellphone curse". I think he was the only character who I actually liked in this movie. He was thinking through things and most of the time made really rational decisions.
It was much more difficult to understand this movie than the first movie. Who did what and how in the first place. I really hope that last movie will give the final answers, because they turned the tables too many times in this movie. Cannot wait until I have finished the last movie also. The creepiest thing while watching it was that in my best friend's room her laptop was making weird noises and later her lamp was not working. Of course that the video quality was bad and screen froze all the time add a bit of spookiness into film but it did not help so much. Still had a really nice night with a lot of sleep.

Spoiler-review: I understood the end like this: Takako died when she was stabbed by Mimiko in the mine. Mimiko took Takako's body and killed Yuting. Everything that Takako experience was already when she was dead, but just she did not know it. If you look closely then in the hospital Kyoko is not responding to her actually. I guess her will to survive and end it was too strong to understand that she was already dead.
Another thing was that I liked how Li Li had so much time to just sit and wait until Kyoko and Naoto have finished their lovey-dovey goodbye sayings. *sarcasm*
I actually was shocked when Takako said that in a way she wished the death of her sister, because as me and Yanne are also twins, then for us it is impossible to think that any twin could have this kind of feeling. Despite being compared all the time, she is still my closest person, my best friend and half of my life belongs to her. 

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