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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend (2015)

Country: South-Korea
Format: drama in 16 episodes
Genre: romance, comedy
Cast: Yang Jin Sung, No Min Woo, Yoon Hak, Han Hye Rin, Kim Eun Jung, Yoon Joo Sang, Kil Yong Woo, Ahn Eun Jung, Lee Yong Joo, Park Jin Joo, Kim Jin Geun, kim Hye Sun, Kim Dong Hee, Lee Sang Gu, Heo Jae Ho, Kim Do Yeon, Kim Hee Won, Kim Eun Jung, Ahn Ah Young
Synopsis: Woo Ji Na is woman from a ocean side who is willing to do everything to succeed in life even if it means little white lies. She becomes intern at IM Cooperation in Seoul where ill-fate brings her to meet with Mr. Unfortunate already before arriving to the interview. Mr. Unfortunate is one of a kind guy who is too pure to understand how the world goes round. When everybody are having some secrets in their pockets and trust is something rare, Mr. Unfortunate is ready to show that sometimes its the smallest things that really matter.
Rating: 4/5
Woah! It has been a long time since I made a marathon! Okey, in reality I watched first episode in late May, but I watched all other episodes now in a row. It is definitely one drama you should not drop just after watching first episode.

At first I was not a fan of Ji Na. She is someone who jumps to conclusions, goes with little white lies and is rather rude to people she sees as failure. Of course the "being mean thing" is actually for the fear to end up as them and not being successful as she dreams. Oh, that reminds me of my sister. On the other hand, she can be really nice, caring and deep in side she is just a girl from rural area. Sometimes it felt as she was trying to be someone she is not, wearing all those fake-brand-clothes. She might have looked stunning in those outfits and heels, but come on girl! That amount of clothes and heels still takes a lot of money!
Then again, as fellow high heel lover, I respect her for wearing so high heels for so long, but she should have always have comfortable heels - for example my 7 cm heels feel like sneakers to me. One of the funniest things about her is that she ends up going to the work with the same outfit as the day before more than once, but only once she gets busted with it. This is one drama where the main characters have so many sleepless nights that I feel that I should sleep for them too. One more thing why I respect Ji Na is that once she understands her true feelings she is accepting them. Even when for a while she is double-dating with the guys, she rather choose the man who makes her happy than the man who makes her successful.
Mr. Unfortunate definitely is not a "Dream-guy" and do not lie to me that he is. Tae Woon, what comes out to be his real name after few episodes, is really slow most of the time and it feels that he is living in totally different world from others. There is only few moments when he seems a guy who is capable and manly, you bet those moments are worth everything, but other times it seems that he really is a small child. One of the best sentences to describe Tae Woon is "Biggest smiles hide the biggest sadness".
We can find reasons for most of people's actions and behavior from their childhood. I like that you can see how he is moving on and all thanks to Ji Na. His sincere affection for Ji Na is so pure that it actually makes hearts beat, then again.. I am not romantic. My heart melts when somebody is doing something outrageous but not so lovey-dovey. But I must say, I do love flowers. In a way, Mr. Unfortunate can actually called Mr. Fortunate - because of the way he is, he does not stress himself with things like position, social status, money, success etc. Life is just as easy as easy you live it and he had chosen one of the easiest ways until Ji Na came and made his head become a big mess.
Director Kang Hee Chul is character that I still do not know if to love or to hate. There are things that melt your heart and things that froze it at the same time. I do not like the fact that he is the kind of guy who always keeps his girl in a reach, meaning he more stays away from real relationships but keeps flirting for favors. Like seriously "Always bring two cups of coffee" - of course these kind of things work for him, but in reality isn't it wrong for director of the company to flirt with his workers, especially with interns? I believe that any kind of romantic relationship inside the company might lead to catastrophe! It does not matter how hot he is, I do not approve his actions.
More than anything else he should learn how to make a difference between personal and professional life. I think the worst about him is that he has only one life that is mix of everything! There is a known truth that "do not bring your work out of your workplace". I know that it is difficult to do, but it is important (says person who is freelancer working from home kitchen and whose voluntary work keeps her on emails and phone 24/7). I might have made him into bad person now, but I do think that from characters, he had the most to learn from life - one moment he just lost the sight and got too full of himself.
Then we are left with Hye Mi who is really nice girl and there are so many things that I respect about her, while at the same time there are things that make everything difficult. She is born into really rich family and the whole life her father has pampered her with the finest things in life. I do like that she is actually struggling with it to make her own achievements using her own power. She stays far from "real life" as we call it that means cooking your own meals or eating cheap take-out and not having 5 star hotels as places to stay over. Without understanding it she tries to buy her friends with money. I do like how she wants to change from high-city girl into more average and this "trying" makes me love her.
In addition, she is the only character I felt sorry about, because no matter how much she wants to use her own powers, most of the time daddy's powers are more stronger. A thing that I did not love about her was her obsession with Director. In a way, she was ready to use Daddy's power to make him hers, which is really wrong. A guy who is hot and cold all the time is not worth it. Or maybe I do not like it, because I am also waiting for somebody who is not worth the pain? But sometimes there is a small knowing that the person who makes you the happiest can also make you the saddest.
As usually there are many other characters who have hold so important position in the story. For example, Mal Sook who is the only one who knows Ji Na's true identity; Boss Yoon who once started the twisted fate; work colleagues who have their own love life. It is really interesting to see everything happening at the same time and see how one or other character starts to understand things that are not so visible.
There are many different types of comedy in it that you just laugh so much. There are some characters that already have funny personalities, there are scenes where comedy is hidden only into one little detail. Of course you can understand the hidden things from the sounds and  I think that these moments where the funniest. Other thing that brings a lot of comedy into it is that they have left in many scenes with mistakes. Somebody happened to see in one episode how the woman from the background couple fell in the rain? (well it is up on the photo) Did anybody see that Hye Mi was wearing too big shoes in one episode? And believe me, if you look carefully, you will see even more. In the weirdest way, these mistakes are not even bothering me, because it all adds up to it.
I am actually exhausted after finishing. It was so captivating and really made me watch. If you ask me "is it better than other Korean dramas?" then no, but it is not worse either. It just is and it is great as it is.

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