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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gachi baka (2006)

Country: Japan
Genre: School life, friendship,
Format: drama 10 episodes
Cast: Takahashi Katsunori, Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya, Kurokawa Tomoka, Inoue Waka, Watanabe Natsuna, Sawamura Ikki, KABA-chan, Sakai Ayana (Quests:Yuki Saya, Inoo Kei, Hojo Takahiro)
Synopsis: Gondo Tetta (Takahashi Katsunori) is a former boxer, who starts as a teacher. He gets to be a homeroom teacher for 3E class - students who are failing in studying and sport. Tetta starts his mission of showing students that school is not a place just for studying, but it also teaches to live.
Rating: 4/5
Drama has many many highlights that make you addicted to it. Of course some of the stars came from that we can see Masuda Takahisa and Tegoshi Yuya in fighting, crying and love scenes! A lot to watch in one drama! "Gachi baka" shows that teachers job is not just to make clear specific subject, but they must help students make right choices in life. It reminds me one of my teachers, who at many times is a big pain in the ***, but actually all she does helps students in future! (Don´t say, I am just looking the positive way! xD) I seriously hate teachers who do their job just because of money, reputation and 3-month-vacation in
summer. Especially homeroom teacher should be someone who is at least aware of student problems and he/she should stand for student. There are many students who do not get help from their families and then it is really important to have at least school´s backup. I was kind of annoyed by Tetta character, but I understand that only his persistent attitude helped students. and I did not like the fact that he beat Utsugi Minoru (played by Tegoshi Yuya), but that is another matter and Minoru really needed those punches.Tetta's biggest problem is that he is too friendly with students, which for me sometimes crossed the line. "This" and "that" have a really big difference. Other than it, he has a wide range of friends, which comes in hand many times. Other teachers/workers in that school only think about school's reputation and their best students. They are the reason why I was unable to add the final star to the drama, because they were toooo annoying. They were too stuck in those old school rules and always blame 3-E class in problems. Their moto was something like this "Expel the problematic student - no student, no problem!" They would rather destroy students lives and dreams than do something to help them. The problems which are handled in drama are really accurate and realistic and I really like the way they have solved them.  
As for students, there are three main-students with who and whose friends things happen. Minoru is
the class' introvert. He is more like a bad-ass who is not interested in anything and does not give a single f*** about what happens around him. But that is all just his outside. Inside, he is actually really caring and he always says some annoying truth to people with the attitude of "I'm so cool, but I could not care less about your problems". With each episode you can see how he starts to open up again and be more sociable. His story shows the pain of having your dreams crushed and no body cares about it. The same problem almost happens to another character too, but it is slightly different. Everytime I watch it, I remember the moments were my dreams had to be postponed (of course at that moment I felt that it was the end of my dreams, but I am really persevering person) .
 I must say that in "Gachi baka" Inoue Kouta role is one of the best roles Masuda Takahisa has ever
played. I have seen almost all roles he has played  and that´s the best in my eyes. He played out Kouta´s appearance and attitude. Kouta & CO consists of 4 guys - Kouta, Miki, Hiro and Masashi, who show the meaning of true friendship where things like family background and money do not matter. Later they drag Minoru into their group too. Kouta is totally different from Minoru - he never shows out his problems and always hides them behind a smile. Even though, he is really goofy and "baka-character", he is really sweet, there is so much more in him and also he is willing to do everything for Kana.
Kana suffers from really serious trauma, which makes her a real bitch at times. She is considered the most beautiful, smartest and elegant girl in the class. The only one she really trusts is Hanako, but she
can be the worst friend ever. At the same time, I cannot really hate her - maybe due to the fact that Kouta has serious feelings for her, which leads us to the fact that she, Kouta and Minoru form a love-triangle. The saddest thing about it is that I cannot have the favorite pairing as I understand everyone's feelings and actions. Minoru and Kana are neighbors and have known each other forever, but due to things that happened they have awkward moments and intense silence between them, which is made even weirder by the fact that Minoru has (almost) girlfriend Saya and everybody are aware of Kouta's feelings, but about that more in SPOILER-review.
It is a really nice school-drama, which makes you laugh and cry. For no special reason I ended up crying in every episode when I re-watched it. For ending, it is another drama where running is the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

SPOILER-review: I only want to tell out my feelings about Kouta-Kana-Minoru relationship. You can feel from the start that there is or has been something between Kana and Minoru. But Kouta is the one who was able to make Kana smile again. But you also can see the how Kana tries to like Kouta as much as he does about her, but there is a song called "first cut is the deepest" which is really accurate for Kana. I seriously heard how Kouta's heart broke when he truly understood that she and Minoru have actually mutual feelings for each other. ... .. and I start to cry again.. he is on the position 4 in the "TOP 5 Guys whose heartbreak broke my heart".

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