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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proposal Daisakusen (2007-2008)

Also known as: Operation Love
Country: Japan
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Format: drama 11 episodes + Special
Cast: Yamashita Tomohisa, Nagasawa Masami, Eikura Nana, Hiraoka Yuta, Hamada Gaku, Fujiki Naohito, Mikami Hiroshi
Synopsis: Iwase Ken (played by Yamashita Tomohisa) and Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami) have been friends since elementary school. Kenzo (Ken´s nickname) has always been in love with Rei, but he never confessed to her, thinking that they still will stay together forever. But then Masami is getting married.. to another man. During the wedding ceremony Kenzo realises what he has lost and wants to change the past. A fairy appears and gives Kenzo second change to win Rei´s heart by sending him back to past.
Rating: 5/5
Great love story,  it is not some sappy thing. Even my older brother watched it!  It has many funny moments and some really sad moments. It is the drama which I have seen the most - I cannot tell you exact number of times, but I think about 4-5 times from the beginning to the end (It has 11 episodes + Special). I will never get tired of it. The drama teaches to live once and leave no regrets behind.
I like the story line in it. Kenzo and Rei always misunderstand each other and that makes their friendship so difficult. I feel like everyone thought they were going to marry in future - it really was just the matter of fact, until Rei met Tada-san.. 
Kenzo should have been honest with himself sooner. It is sad if people understand too late that the person who they really love, is in other man's arms. In some way, it is funny how pitiful Kenzo is, but it is amazing how much he fights for Rei. I like that the changes do not happen fast - it even seems like there are no changes at all! You can really feel his pain in it. One highlights of the drama is that Yamashita Tomohisa is running in EVERY episode - now I could recognize his running everywhere! If Kenzo is wearing some T-shirt with text, then read these! =P I love when they catch little things and add them to drama. 
I think that Rei is mostly the one who did not understand anything, but at the same time I understand her reasons too. Waiting too long after someone makes you want to move on. I do not think that accepting Tada-san proposal was the right thing to do, when she did not even love him. Maybe it is just me, but getting married should be just because of love, not because of gratitude, respect or stable feeling. She should have listen to Kenzo more. (Ignore the kissing scenes - Masami is not a great kissing-actress....) 
I actually like Tada-san. He is so damn annoying, because he is always faster than Kenzo and he is sooo hesitating about almost everything. But in the end, as a man he is great. I believe that with him Rei would have most normal house-wife future.. yeah, not attempting.
The storyline of Tsuru and Eri was cute also. Even though I hardly believe that this kind of thing would be possible in real life. Tsuru, played by always cute Hamada Gaku, is was the laughing point of their circle as Kenzo and Mikio were always teasing him. "Chibi" became almost his nick-name!
Mikio has the older brother image. He is the smartest one as he is the first and the only one to understand Kenzo. I´d say he is the perfect best-friend one can have. While he knew everything about others he did all of his things quietly and without talking about it to anyone else. Opposite to Tsuru´s childness he is all grown-up and future-orientated.
The fairy.... is the high-light as he comes and goes with light xD His catch-phrase is sooo annoying "Ask and it shall be given to you'!" -.- Not amazed..  But I liked the sentences about man and woman love. Oscar Wilde " Men always want to be woman's first love, woman want to be man's last romance" and by J.S.Bass "Men cannot let go of their first love. Women, on the other hand, cannot let go of their final love".  
 I just saw a new thing!!! It is seen in episode 5 that in Kenzou apartment are signs like "Aiming for the stars", "Best friend", "Boom boom boom" -  Who does not know, then NEWS (The band where Yamashita Tomohisa was) has songs like "Hoshi wo mezashite" (which means "Aiming for the stars") and "Best friend" and a song called "Boom boom Power" -  I wonder why I haven´t seen those signs before? All those songs are from "Hoshi wo Mezashite" single, which was released in March 2007. And ting-tong! "Proposal Daisakusen" aired from April to June 2007. :P A little hidden promo, ne?
-.- After making the review, I want to watch it AGAIN! xD

Proposal Daisakusen SP
SPOILER Synopsis:  One year after Kenzo´s confession, but Kenzo´s and Rei´s relationship has been in a dead-point since it. Tsuru and Eri are going to marry in Hawaii, but on the wedding day Eri flies back to Japan. WHY? WHY? Once again fairy appears in front of Kenzo to let him help his friends.
 Rating: 5/5
I like that they made SP for it. It shows that after Kenzo´s confession - they did not have "Happily-ever-after" - and how they had to deal it consequences. In some way Tsuru´s and Eri´s love story did not affect me so much, even though it was cute and all their reasons were tacit.

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