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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marry me, Mary! (2010)

Also known as: Mary stayed out all night
Country: South-Korea
Genre: romance, comedy
Format: drama 16 episodes
Cast: Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Hyo Jin, Park Joon Gyu, Park Sang Myun, Lee Ah Hyun, Lee Sun Ho, Lee Eun
Synopsis: Wi Mary (sometimes written Mae Ri) is a optimistic girl, whose father is always in debts, which causes problems to her too. She accidentally runs over indie-singer Kang Mu Gyul. At the same time her father is saved by a old friend, who got really rich in Japan, but now has returned to Korea with his son. The fathers decide to get their children married to each other as they once promised. To find a excuse, Mary asks Mu Gyul to act like they got married, so that Mary would not have to marry Jung In. But the situation is more complicated than it seems at the first sight and Mary makes a "100 day contract", in which she has to divide her time with her "two husbands". In the end of the 100th day, she must decide who to marry.
Rating: 5/5
It seems so girly-love-movie, but actually everybody are for their own benefit in the contract. People tend to be egoistic and try to get the best situation for themselves - all these things make it really interesting. I watched all 16 episodes in 3 days in a row (about 5 episodes for a day).
I do not know where to start... (*should get some sleeeep, get some sleeeeeeeeeeep... stupid pu-erh tea O.q under the affect of strong tea*)It is not like usual Korean dramas. The girl is not endlessly fallen in love with neither of guys and it seems same for guys, but all the emotions develop slowly. There are more than needed misunderstandings, but some of them where forgivable. Like why did Mary do all her bridal-training and wedding stuff if she had no intentions to marry Jung In?? Everything and everyone has its own limits and some people are more short-tempered than others. 
They definitely drink a lot in it.. like A LOT! but it is amazing how great actors both Geun-leads are, because their drunk-attitudes are hilarious, but at the same time normal for really drunk person. I find Mu Gyul  and Mary so similar (except that Mary listens to explanations and believes people), they are like perfect for each other.
I like Mary's personality, she is so sweet and tries to find the best solution for everyone, but I hate her hair! There is just too much of it! I do not understand why the stylists put so much hair-extensions on her?? Luckily she often wears them closed ^^ Also it is true, that on free time, she dresses like beggar xD I found that my personality is actually really similar to her. She is nothing like other Korean girls (at least in dramas).Mu Gyul's best part is .... eeem... eeeem.. okey, Jang Geun Suk is just so hot and sexy in this role, plus he is so great singer =P
Actually I like Mu Gyul's attitude too - he gets so childish when he is with his mother or when he has wicked mode, but otherwise is like god - all mighty xD I feel like he was the only person who the REAL bad luck in drama - he just happened to be in a wrong place on a wrong time. (In the end you might say vise versa, but at first is seems so). I loved the question "Between love, trust and hope, which is the most important?" You know the answer? =P It is loyalty xD but my mom said "love, because to her it is a combination of trust, loyalty and hope etc, so actually I agree to it. It would have been better if the question would have been "between trust, hope and loyalty" and then answer "love", but Mu Gyul did not believe in love, which makes it all understandable.
I have not written anything about Jung In (mostly referred as "Director"). He looked like a robot. O.o All his movements and speech were like automatic, but it was because of how his father raised him. Despite of  being robot, many many funny scenes were because of him! Really all those misheard things were giving me stomach-cramps! In addition, there is much  gay-theme with him, which makes it really hard to understand. Even Mary thought he is gay, because that would make sense of the  fast marrying and his extremely-(eeeeem...)high perfectionism (I just remembered one song about man of drawing, who is perfect in any way). In the end, I am 100% sure, that if he wasn´t gay, then he at least was a bi-sexual =). So the drama suits for people who are open minded. My older sister actually liked him more than Mu Gyul - she said that he would marry with someone like him anytime xD
I think I should say some words about fathers too, because they are the reason of all the problems. Firstly, I understand that Mary's father wants the best of her daughter, but god sake!, stop already! He ruined her life already so much, why cannot he let Mary be??! In some scenes he actually seems already normal, but then comes the real reason of his behavior - Jung In's father. I knew from the start that the-called "Japan business" was actually yakuza stuff. They do not say that it was it, but com'on! everybody can understand from his attitude and his guards (read: hitmen) that it was not something pleasant. I think that he was a person who just wanted the best for himself and he really did not care about anyone else. (annoying *************************************).  I felt like he wanted to chenge EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT MARY!
I do not understand how is it possible to have such kind of marriage registration? Just one person, two witnesses and other's signature does not make it a registration!! Same was in "Playful Kiss" where Seung Jo registered their marriage just with Ha Ni's ID-card. Does it really happens so in South-Korea?? I know that in "Marry me, Mary" actually father copied her sign, but it does not explain the real situation!
I actually did not like the ending. I would have loved if it had cliche-end, but they put the epilogue to explain everything and it actually ruined the end :S
Some small thing of drama. It has amazing OST! They have better OST than "You're beautiful" (just my thought). "Wi Mary" actually sounds like "We marry" in English XD which makes her name exactly appropriate of the drama and also, from her name comes all the "Merry Christmas" jokes. Ahh, also, like in every drama - the comparison  with animals. In "Marry me, Mary" they use cats :P cute-cute cats :P Especially the cat on the picture xD
Rumors, statistics etc: Many people have dropped it and it has received much bad critique, but I think it is because it is not a usual Korean drama! But in the end the ratings where so bad, that the scriptwriter dropped the project and they had to look for a new one (former scriptwriter wrote episodes 1-10th and the second 11 until the end). The average viewer rating (nationwide) was about 6 (compare it to "You're beautiful" 10,1!, but at the same time "Heartstrings" was only 5,7 and "Playful kiss" 4,9, which makes "Marry me, Mary" better than those too) . Despite of those things, drama earned many awards and is famous for GeunXGeun-pair xD (Both leads have Geun in their first names xD).
I strongly recommend it. It is so funny and sweet. I do not understand why people are complaining. I absolutely loved it and I think that people, who like my "5 STAR" list, will like it too.

SPOILER review: In drama it seems, like Mu Gyul and Mary do not share much emotions, but I later saw one fan-video of it (it is the best video of them ever) and I understood then, that actually they loved each other soooo much, but sadly this video was removed from Youtube
.I do not understand one thing at all.. Mary is said to be tone-deaf, but she wrote lyrics for "Hello, hello"? It would make sense if she wrote the lyrics, but Mu Gyul made them suitable for the song.
There is said, that Mu Gyul dated girls only for one month and in epilogue Mary says that they have broken up for 12 times and are dating for 13th, but at the same time how long time has it been since the got together for the real time? One year! divide it with 12 times and you'll get that they broke up every time after one month, but got together again xD

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  1. Yayy I love this drama too and agree that people just dont like it cos it isnt the typical Korean drama.