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Saturday, September 10, 2011

P.P.O.I (1999)

Country: Japan
Genre: romance, comedy, youth
Format: mini-drama 8 episodes
Cast: Yamashita Tomohisa, Aiba Masaki, Fukiishi Kazue, Maeda Aki, Hasegawa Jun, Akanishi Jin, Nakamaru Yuichi, Uesato Ryuta, Takahashi Yuzuru, Furuya Yoichi
Synopsis: Amano Hei is always mistaken for a girl, because he is short and looks very girly. His friend is Kusaka Banri - the most popular guy in school. Amano has a crush on a quiet Ichinose Hinako, but does not know how to confess to her. At the same time Hinako's friend Sagami Makoto has a crush on Amano Hei. The super confusing love stories will get even more confusing and a short but sweet love story is on.
Rating: 3/5
(Yeah, I totally stole the Yamashita Tomohisa concert title "short but sweet", but I believe that he was not the first who thought about it!) Drama is more than funny and it is really short, but it might be hard to find from net, because it was never published on DVD.
"P.P.O.I" is the oldest drama I have watched with 2011 august results. Like you see from the cast many different Johnny's act in it.
Actually it should be the only drama and the only place where you could see Yamashita Tomohisa in GIRL'S CLOTHING! I am not sure, but I think that he has not even wore girl's clothing for some comedy sketch in variety shows. He is so going to kill me for this photo xD But you have to agree that he had that cuteness back then (he still is cute, but now he is much more masculine with all his amazing abs. You really cannot put him on girl's clothes anymore, because he would look.... weird O.q.
All the actors/actresses are sooooo chibi! I looked how Fukiishi Kazue and Maeda Aki now look and they look sooo beautiful! I edited the picture to show you "back then and now" photos xD So sad that I have not seen any other drama from them.Drama shows much Makoto's and Ichinose's friendship, but I kinda feel like it was weird... because usually girls have the silent agreement that you cannot like the same guy and if you like, then neither of them is allowed to take a first step. At least many girls have it.
 It has a really really funny script. Especially HeiXBanri dialogues. They have many great scenes, where they show the bestfriend mood. If I compare it to girls friendship, which looked like Ichinose was just a tailbone for Makoto, the guys where more equal and they definitely talked more to each other xD It felt like Banri was Hei's big teacher, because Banri was much much more mature than any other character in it. I know that people who do not like spoilers will hate me for that, but I must submit great BanriXHei kiss pics!!!
They are just priceless!  A big story line was the culprit part. Someone was trying to kill Banri!! O.O It was unexpected solution in the end, but it add the mystery in it.  (My sister just discovered that Banri, just name, is similar to Barni, the bear... - it is a cookie bar which has a sick advertisement and toooo catchy song O.q makes me lunatic!)
But even though they were great.. My favorite character was Bobby aka Takaoka (played by Takahashi Yuzuru). He was so funny! His biig crush on Hei was one of the highlights of the drama. Joanna!Joanna! .. Bobby! xD
From time to time my sister makes the joke when she is at the city.. yeah, not the smartest thing to do in the middle of the crowded place.
I think It was a part of one Takizawa Hideaki show, but I do not know what. At least it was some kind of Junior show. More I feel like Takizawa Hideaki liked to put Yamashita Tomohisa into uncomfortable situations during his junior time... 
I did not recognize Akanishi Jin in it O.q and Nakamaru Yuichi has come a long way in acting..  

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