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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Came to me and became a star (2013)

Country: South-Korea
Format: Special
Genre: romance
Cast: Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min, Lee Byung Joon, Yoo So Young, Nam Kyung Min, Kim Dong Hee,
Synopsis: Story of two people who both suffer from lack of money. Kang Suk has a well paying job, but he has to pay back the loans and for his mother's medical bills, because she is in coma. Ha Jin is working in a company that has many financial difficulties, that make her unable to pay all the rent. They both move into goshiwon - cheap small one-room-apartment complex. Due to different circumstances they meet at blind-date event and find out that their compatibility is 98%, but will their love blossom with all the lies hiding their troubles with life? 
KBS World SPEICAL, which is shown on their official Youtube channel with English subtitles – Why not watch? But with these kinds of things, if you do not research before what it is about, then you might regret watching it later. Okey, even if I had read synopsis before I would have wanted to see it. 

I actually started to watch because of Jung So Min, because I thought "hey, I have not seen her for some time already. She is a great actress especially in roles that need a lot troubled faces and melancholic actions. But I did not like Ha Jin so much. She was working for a toy company, because she really loved to see smile on children faces, but on the other hand it did not bring in much money and her debts began to grow. When meeting Kang Suk, she believes that he is on better level with his finances and lies about her home, letting him to drive her to her former apartment. 
I think she does not have much will power and she is really negative in her thinking and if you say that "of course it is because of her situation etc", I remind you that we all have difficult lives - I am design student who lives off loans and there have been times that I go to my parents place and I have less than 2 euros in my pocket and believe me, I am not even spending much. For me it is totally different - when life is trying to get me down, I will fight against and work my way out.
I understand more Kang Suk's situation as he really cannot do anything much about his mother and loans, though I think he could get a lot of money from selling his car.. Most of the time he is trying to keep his troubles to himself and manage his emotions, but even he has limits. He falls for Ha Ji really deep and is willing to fight for their love, but sometimes he just does not know how. He is not lying about his situation in direct way, but it is more that he is hiding the fact how deep in problems he is. On the other hand, he is talking about his mother to Ha Ji and some other things, that actually should give her a hint that his life definitely is not easy. He is really sincere about his feelings and I have a feeling that he is giving much more to Ha Ji than receives from her.
The storyline itself  is lacking a lot of things and the dialogues are not written well. Of course there are things to learn from movie like “you cannot build a relationship on lies”, but other than that it was full of cliches and pointless scenes. I hoped to watch something nice and maybe something romantic, but I ended up being really annoyed and angry. I think this movie goes against my policy – if you love somebody, you also must accept his/her faults – and I do not think that you can call it “LOVE” when even after time you cannot tell the truth – you are just letting person “love” someone that you would like to be, but who is not real you. I think the faults and problems are making us who we are, because there is no one without any weakness. 
Some people say that this movie is about realistic pure and sincere love, well please someone explain me where did you feel that. Don't they know that "true love will conquer everything"? Of course I understand that "two poor people will just stay poor people", but maybe it just does not match with my beliefs that together everything is possible, when you love someone then you will do everything to manage together. From this movie I felt that for them their financial situation is more important than staying with the person who loves you. I think I was most annoyed that Ha Ji gave up really fast and was not even thinking of trying.
For me the end was really fast and basically rushed to fit into time limit, so let's just skip a lot of things and make viewers wonder, but more about it in the SPOILER-review. 

SPOILER-review: The only thing that connects the movie and the title is the end. For those who are questioning, then yes, in the end he died and “became a star”. If you do not know, then there is a saying that when somebody dies then they will become a star in the sky. There is a slight possibility that he survived and is somewhere far away, but most of the time becoming a star means the other thing. Watching the Moon would mean that he is alive, because "Moon is same everywhere, so at night we will both watch the same Moon". Oh, what a love story! I think it is just idiotic how in the airport she did not see any of the news about the fire. Besides, I do not think it is romantic about discussing “pulling out the machine” to show how much you love somebody. Though I wonder what happened to his mother later on.


  1. Thanks for this review and I absolutely agree what you said at the beginning. "But with these kinds of things, if you do not research before what it is about, then you might regret watching it later. "
    I randomly started watching during this year, I began to enjoy it but after that there were some movies that I did not really enjoy and started to wonder whether it's really worth watching. Due to this review, I have finally gotten a perspective to make a decision

    1. I watched this whole,movie and,he dies in,the end. I felt cheated out of a good love story and that I,also wasted my,time on,it. Grrrr

  2. i was still in a delima weather the guy is still alive or not ? i was 98% sure he died of no reason ! but still such a pathetic soul ,i wished for him to me alive somewhere far away from his burden .