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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hanayome no chichi (2012)

Also known as:  The father of the bride
Country: Japan
Format: movie
Genre: family, real life
Cast: Yangiba Toshiro, Kanjiya Shiori, Mukai Osamu, Hashizume Isao, Yo Kimiko
Synopsis: Mio is born mute&deaf and only has his father and grandfather bringing her up. His father gave up on becoming a mangaka and now grows bulls in order to take part of traditional bullfighting tournaments. Mio is getting ready to get married to one local man, when he suddenly decides to break up. Mio's real reason to get married was to get out of the house and cause less concerns to her father decides to spend one day in Tokyo. All things happen for a reason and so getting her phone stolen brings her together with Maru.
Rating: 5/5
This movie is really quiet as there is not so much talking. It has really beautiful scenery as movie is set in Yamakoshi, Niigata, that is famous for bullfighting - who said they do it only in Spain?? In addition they have added some more traditions into movie like Yamakoshi's fire festival.

It is really easy to understand Mio and her concerns. I like that she does not have disillusion about the world surrounding her and truly thinks that Maru is total weirdo. She is really good daughter and does not want to make her father worried. Even though she has learned sign-language she most of the time uses paper and marker to communicate. I was most amazed by Kanjiya's acting. It is not easy to act any kind of disability, but she was able do it with out exaggerating or making it look stupid. At first I thought that it was difficult to understand her feelings from her expressions, but the more I watched the more I saw. I think she was able to make an excellent performance.
The story is a lot about Satoshi also, Mio's father. He is really good father and good son, but at the same time he has given up on way too many things. He has a big crush on his neighbor - Yukiko, divorced woman who comes and goes like a with,  but he never has the courage or place to confess. You might think that he is being lazy or does not care to learn sign-language, but when you learn his reasons then you understand that every parent has their own ways to teach and protect their children.
For Maru meeting Mio is the love from the first sight and he decides to do everything to get her. For all girls, guys who are really straight forward are weird and someone not easy to trust. How can you think that guy who asks you to marry from the second meeting does not have any mental issue? But Maru is shy, quiet and has a lot of troubles to express himself clearly. That's why he discovers that it is easy for him to use sign-language than actually words to make himself clear. He is really sweet and nice and definitely difficult to find. He is willing to do everything for Mio.
Kanjiya and Mukai Osamu were the ones who made me watch this movie. I just cannot get enough of watch Mukai's face, but about his acting.. I think he is rather average role or maybe Kanjiya just out-shined it.
I think it is really nice movie to watch, makes you feel all warm in your heart, but I also think that you really need to have right mood for watching it.

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