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Friday, September 5, 2014

Love at first flood (2012)

Country: Thai
Format: movie
Genre: romance, real life
Cast: Ratchaphoom Tokongsup, Butsarin Yokpraipan, Benjarat Wisitkitchakarn, Uttapong Uttakitkul,
Synopsis: During the big Bangkok floods a beautiful love-story takes place.. nor not. Thoong and Mei Sui meet after both being volunteers and helping with the damages of the flood. Of course Mei Sui is not flattered by Thoong's actions and finds him pretty weird, while Thoong is upset with Mei Sui's rudeness. But as they say, sometimes acted hatred is just to cover up the true feelings? 
Rating: 4/5
I remember seeing the posters of the movie online  when it came out and it has always been as a notice that I will watch it someday. Well, that "someday" finally happened.

Thoong is our main lead, who can be rather banal in his words and actions, which is the reason why Mei Sui finds him weird. But more than being corny, Thoong ijust finds it difficult to express himself the right way, that makes him say things he does not mean many many times. Deep inside he is really caring and reliable guy who is willing to do everything for the girl he loves. Yet, there are times that his caring comes with lies that can turn situations other way around again. I have not seen more  movies with Ratchaphoom,  but I know that this movie was his come-back movie after 4 years and some scandals.
I liked Mei Sui, but sometimes her appearance got way too "hipster" - because of her glasses, so I was rather annoyed. Her name means"beautiful river", but if you say it as "Mei Suay" it becomes "ugly face" (If I understood it correctly). She is really independent and sometimes her independence comes out as being rude and kind of a violent toward others. But as time goes on and she starts to trust Thoong more, the sweeter she becomes. She also prefers to hide her true emotions under something else, but for her it is being strong and capable. Butsarin is really beautiful actress as most of Thai actresses, but her acting skills are not so memorable..
Mong is the funniest character in the movie. There are two possibilities - either he is a really really good wingman or he really is just stupid. I actually would think it is the first one, because he is does not get hurt. He makes a total fool out of himself all the time so it brings attention and makes Thoong look much better. Without him the movie would lose most of its comedy, so basically I gave comedy points because of him.
Boa is really cute friend of Mei Sui. Compared to Mei Sui, she is more optimistic and outgoing. I actually liked her more. She is really straightforward and does not make it into big deal that she finds Mong attractive, even though he has been really really rude to her before. I would like to see a spin-off about BoaxMong because they did not get enough screen-time. I would like to see more movies with this actress, because I actually remember more her scenes than others.
I think really important role lies on parents. Thoong lives with his younger brother and senile mother, who cannot hear anything. Mei Sui only has her father, who always talks that she should get married and start family. Both parents are not so reliable, and neither of the them listens to their children. That is also a reason why both, Thoong and Mei Sui, feel the responsibility for the whole family .
I like how they were inventive and used the crisis in their favor. Flooding is nothing to joke about, but the find ways how to use it for your favor, it is something else. How says that during crisis entertainment business should stay in the background? Better use the situation and create something while you can. Actually, the reason why I like it, is that this movie shows also shows the real situation - how much water, the condition of the flooded area, how people help each other and what negative things it brings with. In that way, it is really realistic movie as the whole scenery is as it was. Yet nobody should forget that 2011 floods caused so much pain and damage in Thailand.
Movie was popular in Thailand when it came out and it is definitely another great movie to watch when you want to have good time or see more about Thailand.
I warn you: it is difficult to find the right subtitles, because I actually tried to watch this movie like 3 times, but always failed because I got really really really wrong subtitles.


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