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Monday, January 26, 2015

Find someone special (2014)

Country: Thai
Format: Short movie (only 18 minutes)
Genre: romance, youth
Cast: Pachara Chirathivat (Peach), Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (Patti), Narikunn Ketprapakorn
Synopsis: Sometimes you think
Rating: 5/5
I actually watched it a months ago last year, but I did not make a review about it as I thought it is too short. Now with new year beginning I made summary of year and I discovered that I should make a review of it. So here it is as the first review of the year.

This movie is especially for those people who wanted Kwan and Win to get together in "Hormones". Peach and Patti suit so well to each other so someone had to make at least a short movie with them sooner or later. 

I have no other words to say than Peach is an amazing actor. His face is has great expressions to explain what the character is going through in his mind. New aka "Wen" by his username is really good-looking guy, but despite everything New is actually really shy and does not know what exactly talk with his crush. It is really nice to see how much effort he is putting in, but yet it rises the question if you have to try too much for something, is it actually worth it? It is like filling a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. Nothing actually stays there and yet nothing comes back to you. That is why he suddenly finds it weird that he can talk to Fai without any problems. He is really honest and kind, but I think that in some moments he is too much of a nice guy. That is why it is great to see how he understands what is more important to him and that if he wants something then he really has to go and get it.

Fai aka "134340" is average girl, but she is really different when she is in front of other people or alone. She does not like to be pushed around and hates that her friends are making her go all kind of tryouts and auditions just because she is beautiful. She thinks that beauty is over-rated and to most people the looks pay more important role than the personality. I think that might have been one of the reasons why she choose to start talking to New, because he was not there get something else. In private time Fai is straightforward and honest. She talks about things as they are. Who does not know it before then 134340 is the code for Pluto and the movie has many references to Pluto.
Bow is actually rather average girl who is exactly what Fai does not want to be - someone who puts too much concentration on appearance and does not care about hobbies like reading. She is the kind of girl to have "relationship in Facebook status", but in real life you cannot call it a relationship. She does not show any special feelings for New yet she wants to be in the center of his attention. The actress also played Fern in the second season of "Hormones".

This short movie is actually a promotion for mobile application BeeTalk. It application to find new people and socialize. I do not own a smartphone so I do not use these kind of applications, but this kind of applications are not for me anyways. It is not that I do not like them, it is just that I prefer other ways to meet with people. Though, I do like the fact how they show that it is possible to find perfect match online also. I do know some cases in real life too, so there are some people who are suited for it.
This is exactly as short as it it, but it is some kind of nice and positive to make your day :)
Here is a small fan-made music video with the movie.

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