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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Somewhere only we know (2015)

Format: movie
Genre: romance, drama
Cast: Xu Jinglei, Kris Wu, Wang Likun, Gordon Alexander, Cong Shan, Sophia Cai Shuya, Juck Zhang, Re Yisha,
Synopsis: After losing her grandmother and being dumped by fiance Jin Tian travels to Prague, Chech Republic, in order to find something connected to her grandmother, who used to live in there when she was younger. In addition to grandmothers past, Jin Tian learns about herself, love and life after meeting with Zeyang.
Rating: 5/5
This is amazing movie that left a great impression from the start. It is in a way post-war movie, showing the reflections of how war can separate families.

Jin Tian is going to through many things in life and is trying to find some peace and answers in her life. While her all life has changed, she has decided to turn a new page, do the things she has never and move on. She is surprisingly strong woman despite being a bit lost with herself. It is amazing to see how big change she goes through and it represents exactly what happens to many many people who travel around and live abroad even if it is just for a short time. So people, do not be afraid to take this step and go. At the same time, she shows that we cannot hide or run away from our problems just by going abroad. The problems will not fade away with time. They will still stay there, waiting us in the dark to knock us off the feet when we least expect them to.
This movie was a movie debut for Kris Wu and after this he has received a lot of different roles in China. Zeyang is former rebel, whose youthful playfulness still makes appearance in his life. After becoming single-father, his first priority became his daughter, while pushing all his dreams and possibilities on the background. In addition, of being the man of the house, he has to take care of his mother who became mentally unstable after her husband did not return from work-trip to Italy. I do not want to piss of anyone, but I have never been a big EXO fan and but Yanne had a huge crush on them for a while and for that reason she pointed out that Kris is playing here. One thing for sure - his on-screen daughter NiNi is tehe cutest daughter to have.
More than being excited for Kris, I was interested in the movie because of Xu Jinglei. I must say that if you compare anybodies acting to Xu Jinglei, you see what is the difference of the nation's best actress and just actor. That is one of the reasons why it makes me sad that this movie is outside of China more known thanks to Kris than due to Xu Jinglei. If you are not aware, then she is one of the first of "Four Dan Actresses". Lan Xin's life is good example of outcomes of the war. Being Asian foreigner in Europe during that time, she had a lot to face. For me the most interesting part of the movie was to see how the story of Xin Land and Josef unfolds as we get to know only just as much as Jin Tian. I think their love is beautiful and shows how sometimes we meet our true love on a wrong time. It is amazing to see how the story is recreated and it just makes me wondering how many stories are untold by our grandparents.
If anyone has been to Prague, then they know how beautiful and romantic it is. I have been there twice in my life and it is one of my favorite cities in Europe, so it was nice to see familiar places in the movie. I guess the location and scenery of the shooting of this movie has been carefully selected to be one of the greatest. There were so many moments when I wanted to stop the video and just enjoy the whole still scene as there is a lot to look at.
Some people say that this movie has almost "no development" and "cliche", but I strongly disagree with these comments. This movie has many many good things to say about moving on with your life and letting go of the past. In addition, it reflects living abroad as an foreigner and trying to fit into new environment. There is so much to see from the movie, but for sure if you are just concentrated on Kris and what he is doing in the movie, then you cannot see the bigger picture. Foe me only annoying thing was that sometimes it was difficult to understand their English, but big respect for at least trying.
For the last thing in this review I can say that awesome kiss-scenes are guaranteed.

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