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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Girl's Life (2009)

Country: Japan
Format: movie
Genre: gyaru, life
Cast: Sakurai Rina, Kagami Saki, Ishihara Atsumi, Kagoshima Mika, Hosogai Kei, Butcher, Matsuda Keiji, Kimura Keisaku, Kawamoto Junichi, Watanabe Tetsu
Synopsis: Haruka is young women from Kansai region who goes to Tokyo to find luck. She has been dumped by his boyfriend and had a big fight with her family. Bleached haired, flashy looking Haruka finds herself alone with her pet turtle Jimmy in a big unfamiliar city.
Rating: 1/5
As you can see from the DVD cover it is a case of gyaru-movie! That was the only reason I wanted to see it - I adore Gyaru fashion, though I am not follower. Movie shows great Gyaru outfits, hairstyles and make-up, which sadly was the main reason to receive that one star.

The main character Haruka is played by famous Gyaru-model Sakurai Rina (Sakurina). Sakurina is a one of Ageha's models (Koakuma Ageha is a Japanese gyaru magazine), which is also the reason why Haruka's character uses Ageha as a pseudonym in host-club. Haruka is very friendly and a bit childish, but she is knows that not all people are good. I like that she stands for herself and knows that if the thing seems wrong then you should not do it. She says that she wants to make up for her small brain with having big hair, because it is the same like small people like to sound great. I must admit that Sakurai Rina's acting was really great, but it might have been because the character itself was not so different - I am not sure as I do not know which kind of person Sakurai Rina is. Her pet turtle Jimmy is really cute, though I mistook him for Johnny all the time - I bet you all know the reason why.
Haruka meets with many different characters, but most of them just come and go as they want. The biggest impact will give homeless guy Takakura Ken, Hayato and Miki. Hayato is male host, who shows interest in Haruka, but she is really cautious with men after getting betrayed by her previous
boyfriend. Miki is a girl who is the niece of host-club boss. She has her dreams, but is stuck in one place. She becomes a great friend to Haruka and helps her out many times. She is horrible with alcohol and it is hinted that she is actually a lesbian. I think that in a way Haruka takes Miki's efforts for granted and does not thank her properly when she should, then again I understand that many Miki's actions were made on her own without further discussion with Haruka.
One part of the movie talks about hostess' situation and their problems in Japan as Haruka becomes hostess and another part of the movie concentrates on Haruka finding her place under the sun. I
would have been more interested in finding out the backgrounds or getting to know their problems more and of course I would have wanted character developments, but the only development is with Haruka. It all gave me a feeling that the movie was not thought through, like something (or most of the movie) was missing.
It is a good time-filler if you are interested in gyaru fashion. I would like to thank Rosie-o who was so kind and subbed the movie! As I understand that it is a must-see movie for gyaru's, because it is the only movie where gyaru is the main character. I stumbled on the movie by Google'ing "Gyaru movie" on one of my "I-have-spent-last-3-hours-on-net-looking-gyaru-and-other-fashion-stuff".

SPOILER-review: I was shocked at the end of the movie when she let Jimmy go. It was so sad, but I understand that it meant a new start for both of them. I do not know what Haruka decided - to go to the design meeting or not - because even she herself was not sure about it. My Sis commented that she finds Haruka slightly dumb for being to indecisive because she could have been really famous with her designs and modelling, but just because she was not sure if these are the right things for her. I understand Haruka for quitting modelling - despite being really great at it she just did not find it to be the best thing for her - after all she was suffering from low self-esteem thinking that her face is actually ugly. Beside, we all have had good opportunities that we have declined because we are not into it, right? 

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