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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Swing Girls (2004)

Country: Japan
Genre: music
Format: movie
Cast: Ueno Juri, Hiraoka Yuta, Kanjiya Shihori, Motokariya Yuika, Toyoshima Yukari (+ many famous actors in small roles)
Synopsis: During the summer classes group of delinquent girls end up poisoning the school´s brass band. In order to make things better they have to replace the band members with themselves. But from hating and lazing around they grow to like music more than anybody thought. 
Rating: 3/5
It is soooo comic movie! I just was not able to stop laughing while watching it. It has many flaws, but it still is great movie.
The girls are pretty clever, but they are not the most smartest girls in school. I think that it is very free-spirited school they are attending - everyone did what they wanted, the girls wore make-up, bleached their hair etc. It is not very common in Japanese schools. The girls act like they are seven years old and I do not believe that they were able to play so good with so less practice. Then again, it is based on true story, but in real time, the girls had off-notes too, while in movie everything was perfect. The characters must have had a great musical hearing xD In fact, the actors did not know how to play these instruments at all in the first place. They went under 5 months of hard training to actually play! Respect for them! I like when actors do everything themselves and do not use stunts (or faking the thing).
I cannot bring out any special character - Tomoko, Takou, Yoshie, Sekiguchi and Naomi were the ones who story mostly concentrated, but it they were the ones who did not want to give up in any way.  My true favorite was Yoshie as Kanjiya Shihori is so cute actress =P Maybe I liked her because she is most like me =D Cute guys make me want to achieve everything, but finally I still will do it for myself ^o^
Funny, but meaningful quotes from movie "There are two kind of people in this world:
1) ones, who succeed, and others, who quit
2) ones, who can chill out, and others, who cannot
3) people, who swing, and people, who don't
It is funny story, that shows that if you want to achieve something in life, you must work hard.

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