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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sensei wa Erai (2008)

Country: Japan
Genre: school
Format: movie
Cast: Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki, Chinen Yuri, Yusuke Santamaria, Karina, Abe Tsuyoshi
Synopsis: Souta (Nakajima Yuto), Wataru (Chinen Yuri) and Rin (Arioka Daiki) are students, who of public junior high school. They find their teacher Uzaki (Yusuke Santamaria) really annoying (His nickname is even "Uza-Ken", which literally means "You´re annoying"/ "You must be kidding"). As they get in contact with their old classmate Hayato (Yamada Ryosuke), they start to change the teacher into more appealing person. 
Rating: 1/5
To start with, the junior high students are not cool at all, but they understand it much too late. (Maybe it is just the system, that everybody who are older than yourself look cool to you, but when you reach to that point, you realize that actually it is nothing like that?) At the same time, I understand that their (high school students) life is hard too. The part of "growing up, but still being a child" is harsh for everyone, ne?
Souta (Sou-chan)- I find him the most foolest and childish ones! xD He was just so epic in everything he did - cool clothes? buying underpants from Shibuya (there's nothing wrong with that, but you'll understand what I mean if you watch it xD), studies, room0. He was like most comical character in it.  I liked the brothers relationship in it.
Wataru (Wata) - it was funny that Souta and Wataru were bestfriends - it seemed like they were the tallest and the smallest in the class =) but Wataru was such a mamaboy O.o Everything was like "mama will do!".
Takekura (Takeshita/Rin) - Arioka Daiki was the star of the movie for me =D His face expressions were so funny and all his character was cute. I think that knowing the "7 wonders of Uzaken" brought him really bad luck. yeah, bad luck with girls. He is the only character who is dragged into love-triangle, which is soooooooo sweet :) Ahh I wish that there would be not that rare to find that honest and brave guys in real world.
Gunjou (Hayato) - He was just annoying character. Yamada Ryosuke is all cute and totally idol-like in it, but the character was really like WTRamen!??? O.o (I am going to finish high-school in spring and even for me it was hard to understand what he was saying) Gunjou was the type of "Let's make the world a better place!" Yaaaaay!!! -.- not.... His overhelming kindness was actually annoying, because it seemed so fake.
now to the teacher... he totally deserved his nickname, but I think that he was the same as my written school-policy: Teacher and human are not the same. He/she can be the best person in the world, but totally suck in teaching. At the same time, there is a saying that "If a students really wants to learn, then he/she do not need any teacher at all, so there is not great or bad teachers. (Oh there are bad teachers - like languaege teachers, who teach you wrong pronounciation and wrong language rules. I have many teachers in my school /mostly older women/ who are like grannies in personality, but as a teacher no one respects them.). I liked that Uzaken was not a puppet and tried to make them the real thing themselves. It was cute how the 5th wonder was true, but in the other way xD (Watch the movie, to find out :P)
I like that it actually combines the really funny scenes with sad scenes. Just like school is all about - funny things, love-scenes, jealousy, giving your best and sad parts, which might make you cry in future too.   
AAHH! NOW I REMEMBER!! For some seconds it shows a scene, where there is a magazine on the table! /XD Yeah, on the cover of it was Yamashita Tomohisa.. It was a great surprise ^^

SPOILER review!: the end was really sad. It must have been mentally hard for guys when Uzaken collapsed. I know that once in my school a teacher collapsed in front of the class and was taken to the hospital. I think that a experience like that will remain to the memory for a long time, especially when you do not know what is wrong with other person. In the end I still started to cry, because when Aoyama-sensei (nurse) said, that she loved the sound of Uzaken's slippers, I reminded some personal issues, so if you really want to say something to other person, then just do it, before it is to late. even if it is just something about their slippers.

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