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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugar and Spice: Fumi Zekka (2006)

Also Known as: Sugar and Spice ~ what little girls are made of~
                            Sugar and Spice ~ Fumi zekka~ (Sublime in flavour)
Country: Japan
Genre: Romance
Format: movie
Cast: Yagira Yuya, Sawajiri Erika, Natsuki Mari, Oizumi Yu, Chen Bo-Lin, Hamada Gaku,   Mitsuishi Ken, Kimura Ryo,
Synopsis: Shiro (Yagira Yuya) is a young man just finished high school, who lives in Fussa and starts working at the gas station. His best friends are fighting over the same girl, one of them tries to commit suicide. In addition, he sees a break-up between a man and college girl Noriko (Sawajiri Erika), who starts working at the gas station too. Shiro finds himself in a point, where he is stuck with life and love.
Rating: 2/5
I must say under cover that I wanted to put much higher rating to it than just 2 stars, but I admit that those ratings are not actually based on only mine opinion.
When I saw it for the first time, I did not like it at all - it seemed boring and pointless (as many might have read from former review) I did not understood a thing back then, but this time - I absolutely loved it! Maybe it is because I have gone trough more stuff and grown up more, because now I find it one of the best love stories ever!
It gives you the perfect view of a real kind of relationship. But at first you must live trough some weird scenes.... as the guys are ... being guys? Yeah, this porn-stuff is weird.
(Actually I am making a review of Ichitaro's concert for school at the moment.... working on two reviews is hard O.O....... continueing with that review after 7 hours xD)
Well.. The two hours have many long scenes, but actually they are not so annoying - when you consentrate on the story. I cannot recall any annoying thing beside it O.o Weird...
All characters are nice and real. Naoki (a friend who tries to attemp a suicide at first) is sweet how  much he loves Yoko, but at the same time he is a sex-maniac. The other friend just should have been more honest with everybody.
Grandma was amazing! Being 70 and act like you are only 27! xD I like people who stay young forever. Her lost love story was so sad. Heart can recover from many heartbreaks, but there is only one deep cut to a heart and it will give you a wound, which can never be healed. She has many smart ideas and living-ways, so it is a good thing to actually listen and learn from her. In addition, the make-up artists have done amazing work with her! Natsuki Mari was at that time 55 years old.
Shiro was like a .... perfect man? (at least for me) but it is true that "man must know when to be soft and when though"  - "Softies get dumped". You can see how much impact her grandma had on him. I did not see a thing he did wrong. In one scene when he leaves Noriko alone and Noriko gets sad, I totally understood Shiro. The situation is so hard, when you are not a boyfriend and girlfriend, so you do not know what rigths do you have (like.. you cannot get very jealous if you are not together; Is it okey for you to ask about some stuff or not, etc). Been there, thought about that -.- still ended up with no results. Yagira Yuya actually has nice look =P
Sawajiri Erika looked cute! Noriko knew she looked pretty and that made her more selfconfident. I liked that she explained the thing about girls "No means yes! - It most of the time "NO MEANS NOOOO!" , "But only for one person they can mean the same thing" (Guys, just learn how to read the mood - I cannot really tell you the situations when they are the same, but like.. when girl really likes you, but her self discipline does not let her to say that she wants to stay. Was it too hard? still... just learn to read it well - cannot say anything helpful xD) I hate her ex-boyfriend, he is a bastard, but I do not say anything bad about Noriko yet (read spoiler review for that).
Mostly the movie concentrates on "What really is love?"  "Having special feelings for someone?", "Wanting to see someone more than once a day?" These are good questions.. by those questions I have been in love only once and even that was only onesided...  Remember, "If love is over, then it is over - you cannot force her/him to love you again".  The thing that love comes and goes is exactly the same kind of nature law as that seasons changes and after today comes tomorrow.
It is based on the same named novel and Oasis is really great band =P

SPOILER review: Noriko situation - many might think she was a bitch for leaving Shiro, but I must say my friend's words "Every girl has someone who they are helpless toward". If that special guy hugs or begs to go back to him, girl cannot to anything. Those guys give easily promises, but never keep them and the worst thing is that girls know it! And girls know that they will never get happy with those guys, but there is something unbelievably strong that keeps girls with them. (If you have seen "Porgy and Bess" opera, then the other guy is the same for Bess) Like it has nothing to do with real love and it is difficult to explain, but I think that every girl, who has had someone like that in their lives, knows what I mean. I think the best thing is to stay as far as you can and avoid any contact with them, but believe me - it is so hard. But what you can say bad about Noriko is that YOU just cannot let your ex into your new boyfriend's house!!!! and then almost get caugth! -.-
Shiro and Noriko looked much cuter together than with that ex -.-
If you want to know the "Daimond Fuji" place without watching the movie, then it is Lake Yamanaka at dust!
 And little girls are made of sugar and spice =P

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