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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hanawake no yon shimai (2011)

Country: Japan
Genre: family, romance, drama
Format: drama 11 episode
Cast: Mizuki Alisa, Kanjiya Shihori, Kawashima Umiko, Kichise Mischiko, Kato Shigeaki, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Endo Kenichi, Kawashima Ririka, Ono Rento, Kato Kenshiro, Tanaka Tetsushi, Katsunobu, Neko Hiroshi, Tanaka Miho 
Synopsis: Story of four Hanawa sisters. They all have different personalities and different problems in life. When second daughter Takemi moves back to home with her children, all kind of troubles start to occur, as Takemi is known as "devil" and "man-eater". But whole family life is turned up-side-down when it comes out that father has cheated on mom, even though they had been married to each other for almost 33 years.
Rating: 5/5
I absolutely love this drama. I think it is the most unpredictable drama I have ever seen - each episode brings something new. I do not suggest you watching it, if you are as over-emotional person as I am, because I ended up crying all in every episode (Weird, I know O.o It did not matter if it was a happy scene or sad one), but it is NOT A SAD DRAMA, it is a family drama. I believe that other people watch it without any tears. It was in my 5 STAR list from the first episode til the last one, but I just understood that all 5 STAR dramas/movies have been great since start. Drama is made after Saimon Fumi same-named manga. Now from the oldest sister to other characters. (IT MIGHT CONTAIN MANY POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
Fujiko is really work-oriented. She is the smartest, but at the same time she trusts her mind too much - that's way she has bad luck in love. I think that it is weird that she still lives at home (she is 32 years old), but it is not my problem, ne? I think that Fujiko decides too much on her own, even when these affect others too. It is nice that someone keeps her head cool, but she could have talked things over with others. You can actually see more her boyfriends in drama, than Takemi's..
The main-main character, who "turns up", Takemi is different from all the women in the world. She has been married for 2 times and has divorced same times, but she has 3 children, who have very mature thinking. As a mom she seems to be great, but as a sister - kind a sucks. I find that her beauty is over-rated, but it is one of the main ideas of the drama. It is sad how she is misunderstood and how much actually everybody hurt her. Of course this is true that she flirts too much and she definitely does not know the limits, but calling her "Devil" is a bit too much. She does not know how to show her emotions, her true emotions. I totally understand what it feels like when everyone are only seeing your outer-appearance, but only few tend to see the inner-person. I like that Takemi got along with her ex-husbands, but I think that Katsuhiko should have trust her more. He turns into a bastard for some time. 
Sweet Sakurako. Like I understood then the age-gap between Sakurako and Takemi is the smallest in the family, and it leads to that Sakurako is always in Takemi's shadow, that is way Sakurako stands her the least. In love she is most like her mom and for her it was the hardest to forgive to dad. She might look too clingy, naive and listens way too much her work-friends, but actually she knew everything what she did, except the night she met Shozaburou. All her worries were reasonable, because it is harshhhhh when you're high school boyfriend cheats on you with your sister (even though it was a lie).
Hell hot Shozaburou. It is officially my favorite role from Kato Shigeaki. He is soooo great actor, but this role shows totally different side of him (even though in real life he has said that he is opposite of Shozaburou). Shozaburou is a hot cameraman who has had more women in his bed than years he has lived. Many male-viewers have said that it was absolutely wrong of him to sleep with Sakurako, when Sakurako was drunk as a skunk, but please understand - the original manga and also the script was written by women - almost all women dream of waking up by HOT guy without clearly remembering the last night... but it is just a dream! You can pretty much say that he is a bastard, but it is so sweeeeet when he cares of Sakurako, but then again it seems like to him they are "friends with benefits". I think it won't be a big spoiler if I tell you that he has something on with Takemi too, which makes him even more bastard than he is. Just as he said - he likes Sakurako, but feels close to Takemi, as they share similar emotions in life.
The youngest sister is Ume-chan. She is sooooo sweet as she is so young - actually she is 18, but she is so small and inexperienced that it makes her even sweeter. In manga, she actually is more tomboy - really short hair and more boyish clothes, but I like her in drama more. She might seem really plain, but it is unexpected what goes on in her mind. Ume is a art-student and for a long time she questions about her talent. I want to study art in future too, so I understand why this question is so hard - there are always people who are so much better! That's why even I got inspiration from Takemi's words "It's is not other's who decide whether you have talent or not, it's you!" - it goes for all kind of talents, not only for art.  One more comment - I have met bitches like Yukari and they do not get far - girls like Ume tend to be more successful in life.
The father is the worst. One time cheating- okey maybe this is even forgivable, but continuous cheating?! I think I would have hard time with forgiving my father too, but in the end - he is a father. No matter how things are, it is a fact which will stay. Especially because I believe that he had the worst time after mom died. Yes, a huge spoiler was it, but it is the thing that causes almost everything else. I so love Miyazaki Yoshiko - she is the cutest actress of her age I know. Mama was really naive, but she was the person who held the family together. Believe it or not, but I pretty much want to be the same kind mother in future xD (remind me that after 10 years)   I think that actually the family took it too lightly that mom died, but maybe they all were just mentally really strong. As mama was the "home" for everyone, then there are to ways for the family to go - broke up or grow even stronger together.
Small notes time - They concentrate on marrying really much, but I think that all it goes too fast - is not it normal to at least go out for 1-2 years, before even talking about it? Maybe it is just my western-thinking, but still. The biggest minus of the drama is that the time-flow is not well written - most of the things happen within 2 months, which is definitely way too short period for this drama. I like the ost - especially one sound is very beautiful.
In the end, all sisters are having hard time with their love-lives. I do not understand how they cannot be honest with each other - it seems like they had a special loving family, but still they cannot tell everything to each other. (Funny thing about myself - in my family there are also 4 daughters... I have 6 years difference with older sister, with one younger sister few minutes and 9 years with the youngest one... which is pretty much the same as Hanawa sisters had... I am the second - booo-hooo! -.- not happy)

SPOILER review: I said almost everything in the real review already, but still there are some things about the end. I Liked that Sakurako was the one who dumped Shozaburou, even though he wanted to marry and continue lying as he promised to father. but which I like even more was that Shozaburou was the one who begged for new chance from Sakurako. Their love was full of circumstances, but in the end Sakurako was the one who was able to change Shozaburou. I start to cry again... too beautiful love song is playing right now too.
I also like that Sakurako was able to forgive Takemi and dad. Sakurako was my favorite character btw.
Also I loved Ume-chan's message "Even if we are apart, we are family" - because next year I must move to another city, away from my family - they are the best in the whole universe! I must remember that sentence for whole my life - even when I move far-far away in future, I still have my place in this family. ^^

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