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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kimi ni Shika kikoenai (2007)

Also known as: Calling You; Only you can hear this voice
Country: Japan
Genre: romance, friendship, human
Format: movie
Cast: Koide Keisuke, Narumi Riko, Hada Mika, Katase Nana
Synopsis: Ryo (Narumi Riko) is a silent high school girl, who finds it hard to communicate with others. That´s why she has no-one to talk to. On one day she creates a mobile phone in her head, but for her surprise, it is picked up  on the other side by a boy called Shinya (Koide Keisuke).
Rating: 2/5
It is really beautiful  movie, but at the same time you can find similar things from other movies or dramas. (In some ways it reminds me "Il Mare" or USA version of it "The Lake house", because of the time differences and all). I did not like the fact that it mostly was about one thing, that´s why, it looked like it will last forever. It seriously is the slowest movie ever. Many times it does not have any soundtrack at all, expect for cicadas sound.
If you start to think about it, isn't it scary if a toy-phone starts to work this way??! O.o But actually, their "Mind-phones" are called telepathy. At first I thought that Shinya really is her imagination.  I started to think that if those mental phones would be real, then what would happen? I sure would like to have free calls XD
But some words about characters. Ryou was so annoying to me.. I am not a fan of people who are too shy, hesitating and afraid of everything. She was really slow and many times depressive. I know that being back-stabbed by your friends at early age is painful (been there, felt that), but you just must have self-belief that you are better than any of these guys! I liked that she started to change with the time they are talking to each other. NB! she does not look like, she has not practised piano for years. When she stopped playing in 2 class, then normally she would have forgotten most of the things by that time.
I cannot say anything much about Shinya, because he did not talk much and movie mostly concentrates on Ryou. Koide Keisuke has a nice smile - that I can tell =P He had cute ideas (like long-distance date) and all his personality was sweet. I liked his grandma, because she always wore kimonos =P
I like Nagano scenery - sooo beautiful! I know that many many people like that movie really much, so watch it and then decide! It is slow, has one story-line and is hard to follow because of the time difference, but it has something sweet in it.

SPOILER review: I do not understand if really no-one knew how to give first-aid?? Okey, they called ambulance and Ryou was by his side, but they should have at least tired to check any serious damages or at least is he breathing still... I know he moved, but still! This movie goes to a list "Worst dyeing scene ever"!  like tooooooo fake!           If someone did not understand then Harada was actually Ryou, but 10 years later. Also in the end, you see that people cannot change the past (except if you are Kenzo from "Proposal Daisakusen")

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