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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tada kimi wo aishiteru (2006)

Also known as: Heavenly forest
Country: Japan
Genre: romance
Format: movie
Cast: Miyazaki Aoi, Tamaki Hiroshi, Kuroki Meisa, Uehara Misa, Koide Keisuke,
Synopsis: Makoto and Shizuru go to the same course in university and they become really good friends. For the birthday present Shizuru wants to have a picture of two of them kissing. After that Shizuru is gone from Makoto´s life. 
Rating: 3/5
I warn you from the start that I wrote more negative things about this movie, but still it is considered as one of the most romantic and best love-movies.... I think everyone tastes are so different - some love this movie, some hate and people like me are neutral..
At first I found it really slow, boring and annoying, but since the part they start to be house buddies, it gets funnier, faster and better. It seems as if the story finally starts running..I like when movies are made liked memories - you can see some scenes of the end at first, then the memories part and finally the real end. It makes it more interesting. More than that, the scenery is magical! I want to go to the forest like this too - especially because this place makes me want to pick up my pencils and paint again. So the technical side of the movie is great, but now to the bad side...
I do not like any character. Like really no-one.. They do not act the way it is normal for their age as they more seemed like 12 not over 20!  I know, there are things that "Try" to explain their behavior but for me they totally fail to give appropriate reasons to their actions.
Tamaki Hiroshi has a great English, which is one of the best things in it, but the character he plays is rather annoying. He takes everything to seriously, except Shizuru. Many times he did not get the jokes and when someone was serious, he thought it was funny. It feels as if he does not understand all the situations nor has his own opinion about things. Also I did not understand his skin-disease. Usually this kind of things go away after some time of medication?
And then Shizuru.. To start with her, I would like to say she is WEIRD, but she says in the movie too that "she is not weird, she is just "very original""... yeah.. weird, it is not her appearance that makes me say that (even though it would have been better if she had washed her hair and do something about her clothes), but the main reason are her thoughts and her views on life. Her way of thinking was pretty childish and naive. I know, sometimes we all see too much in things where is nothing, but her thoughts were exaggeration in every direction. She was the one who pushed herself on Makoto, he did absolutely nothing and she imagined everything already. She kinda a felt like psycho.. I do not understand her way of thinking at all. but if you want to hear positive thing, then Miyazaki Aoi actually looks so beautiful and cute, when you remove her glasses, so I hope you will watch the movie til the end to see it. Miyazaki Aoi's acting is great, but her character is too annoying for me to like her.
I believe that I should write some things about the last, but very important character too. Miyuki, played by Kuroki Meisa, was definitely wedding-addicted. Sadly mostly this kind of women do not marry at all or marry too much. I am afraid that she is the one who will only dream about it - mostly because she is able to wear a wedding dress before wedding - I consider it as a bad omen. Most men are afraid to date girls who are too wedding-directed. There is nothing much about Miyuki, but I hope that she managed to have her perfect wedding. Kuroki Meisa is beautiful as always, but she is the same as always too. I praised her much in "Dance Subaru", but this time I find that her only advantage is her appearance - that explains why she is/was that great model, but her acting skills... sorry, Kuroki Meisa, I do not see you as great actress.
I forgot to mention before that I loved Shizuru's photos a lot. I always feel connected to black and white photos and people. There is something intimate about them, so at least Shizuku's so-called "work" paid off and earned at least one point.
I think it is the first sad movie, even though I did not cry. Maybe it was because I was not that into it or that my sister is perfect when it comes to ruining sad scenes. And like the movie ended, I will end too. THAT FAKE BIRD IS TOOO HILARIOUS!
Even ramen would have been a better bird" by Yanne


  1. your an idiot, sorry.

    worst review ever.

    randomly stumbled upon this page via google and just wanted to let you now that your reviews suck.

    it almost seems like you dont have enough life experience yourself to be able to judge the things you review.

    1. Thank you for your opinion ^o^
      I do not like when people insult me, but I actually do not care much.
      As I understand, you liked this movie very much and if you would not have commented it as Anonymous, I would have asked you to write your opinion (even small review and thoughts) of this movie, because I think that other readers would have loved to read it too.

      Btw: It should be "You're" not "Your" =P