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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buzzer Beat (2009)

Country: Japan
Genre: basketball, romance,
Format: drama 11 episodes
Cast: Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Kanjiya Shihori, Mizobata Junpei, Aibu Saki, Ito Hideaki, Oomasa Aya, Maya Miki, Kaneko Nobuaki, Nagai Masaru, Aoi Munetaka, Komatsu Ayaka,
Synopsis: Kamiya Naoki is a proffesional basketball player, but under a pressure he is not able to show his real talent. He has plans to marry his girlfriend Natsuki, but because of changes in financial situation and not knowing his real potentials, he always hesitates. Meanwhile there is optimistic Shirakawa Riko, a studied violinist, who cannot get a job as a violinist. Naoki loses his cellphone to a bus, but it is found by Riko. As Riko moves into the same neighbourhood, they become friends, which soon grows into love, but Naoki is still with Natsuki and Naoki's coach has fallen in love with Riko at the first sight when he went to get Naoki's phone from her. 
Rating: 5/5
I love this drama. This is actually my older sister's favorite Japanese drama (I think so... and yes all my siblings have seen at least one Asian drama xD).  She "favorites" it because of Yamashita Tomohisa who played the role of Naoki... and ever since that she names him "Buzzer beat guy!", but I liked it because of a great storyline. It talks about love and work, while showing the progress. There is no hurrying or things uncleared, everything just happens normally.
You can understand it already in first episode that Natsuki (Aibu Saki) is a total b**** and she continues to get even worse. At the same time.. I totally understand her. She did not want those "dreams" and "in future" things. Although Naoki was more than perfect (except that he was too hesitant), she wanted more physical attraction. (That made me think if they even had slept together??). Naoki wanted "Happily ever after", but  Natsuki satisfaction. Their relationship really suffered from lack of sex or any physical thing,
because the kiss in first episode is baaaaad (Not worst, but still bad). Their relationship has gotten to a point where everything is the same every day (even after marring it would stay like it, maybe Natsuki would have had to give up on some more things in her life). All she wanted was some anxiety that would make her heart beat so fast that it feels like exploding, but Naoki.. yeah, he still had his puppy love. That does not mean that I approve cheating (That makes me think about what really is considered as cheating? sex? thinking about someone else than your lover? oke some people consider even kisses as cheating... oke I am going to far from the main point). I just say that I understand Natsuki, but I think that she should have made her point clear to Naoki for a long time ago.   
I continue with Naoki as I already have written some things about him. I think that he was right when he followed his dream and did not give up, maybe he was a little bit to self centric and did not think what Natsuki might think of one or other, even though at first he makes many decisions only because Natsuki (like staying into the same company). Doesn´t the wedding vow say "for richer, for poorer"? I think that marriage is not a thing to play on "Marry me if...!". I think it should be just "Marry me no matter what, no matter when or where, as long as you will stay by my side forever" (Yeah.. I should not read too many wedding vows or start to write one here...)   But I am happy that Naoki was not able to marry her xD (It is not a spoiler or is it??) I cannot help myself so I must write that Yamashita Tomohisa looks damn hot as Naoki. I just checked and it official is my favorite Yamashita Tomohisa drama. I have seen many many dramas from him, but this is definitely the best one.
Let head to Riko. I absolutely loved her attitude!! She was no usual woman. She drank too much, she did not have that certain womanly poise (especially while sleeping). She did not like to wear much make-up or use many skin creams/lotions/etc, she even forgot to wear a bra after waking up in the mornings! Even though she was like that, she still continued to look beautiful and feminine. I think that the thing that most attracts about her, is that she was very friendly, outgoing, did unexpected things and many times was veeeeery touchy... like physically came to close. Her hearing is more than amazing.. I really wonder how she was not a child genius at the first.. With that kind of hearing she would have been a female Mozart! In first episodes it certainly looks like she has feelings for Coach - yeah, love from the first sight?
Which leads us to Coach ( I forgot his name.. even though they repeat it so many times). I think he was an a**, a total jerk. If a woman does not want to be with you, then she just does not! When she says that it is over, then it is over. There were soooooo many times when I just hated him. He really got on my nerves. He should learn some things from Naoki..
The character that was annoying too was Ren, but I enjoyed watching him because I knew that he is a jerk nr. 1 from the start, but he did not even try to look like a good guy. Let's say that he was just honest. In later episodes there is a scene where I like him the most. It is a scene where Naoki and Ren are sharing a room and talking. He is so honest. yeah.. he might be a jerk and playboy, but at least he is not pretending.
There are many cute characters who I enjoyed like Mai, Naoki's little sister and mother, also Shuji and some others from the basketball team. At first Mai seemed weird - she is always wearing the same bun and weirder clothes, but actually Kanjiya Shihori is so charming that her cuteness comes out, which finally made Mai one of my favorite characters. She also has many great lines in her script. She is like the feminine side of Mai-Riko friendship.
All kind of relationships are clearly explained. It shows the trust and co-operation of a team. Tension between team member = tension in the game = baaaaad game. You get the point? that's why it is important to get along with everybody. It reminds me one of the REAL BIG highlight of the drama - BATH SCENES! Hot and well formed bath is the best! (I am talking about the "bath", ne? =P)  I want to maintain the "pure" image of my blog, so all you get are those muscles.
One important thing to write about is dreams vs. love. I liked their decisions in drama and I would have done the same thing. To me always fulfilling my dreams comes first. If my boyfriend would ask me to give up on my dreams, then I would better give up on him. If you truly love someone, then you want the best for her/him. Rather than asking to stay, should ask them to go for the dream. But I believe that there is an opportunity to have both - fulfilling dreams and love at the same time.
The drama has amazing kiss-scenes (wait for 7th episode!!!). Veeery lovey-dovey! Drama has great actors/actresses, who are absolutely beautiful! There are funny scenes, sad ones, lovely scenes etc. It shows the uncertainties of a relationship an how to let go of a person you love. Even though it looks like a sport drama it still is more about love to me. I actually forgot what I wanted to write in addition, but I think that all what is left to say is : WISH YOU GREAT WATCHING as it is an amazing work!
SPOILER review: Why I hated Coach so much was because when Riko said that she has someone other who she likes, then a he should not have dragged her to meet his parents "accidentally" and say that they are "dating in order to marry"! BOO-HOO! I understand that he wanted to tell the best to his parents, but he did not think for a one second about how is Riko feeling. I felt like he was trying to buy her by making her sympathize with him.  
Yay for Naoki to acting like a man!!! He took it like a man when he found out about Natsuki's little thing with Ren. Also I totally think that it was just Natsuki's fault that Naoki was not able to make her heart go pounding. Natsuki was the one who many times said that "ahh.. tonight I am working late etc!". But we all see how it is with Riko! Naoki just ..eem makes a move xD Even my heartbeat was sooo loud when I saw these scenes (There are no real bed scenes between them so do not get your hopes up!).
I must say that Mai and Shuji's love story was actually cuter than others. Shuji was like everything that Mai did not search for, so it really was all new to her too. I like when there are things that characters are not used to. Mostly I loved that Shuji was younger than Mai.

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  1. Nice review. I love Buzzer Beat. The story is really good, and Keiko and Yamapi have good chemistry. Since watching Buzzer Beat I've become a big fan of Keiko Kitagawa. I think she's beautiful and a very talented actress.

    As far as the coach, I didn't really have any problems with him. Yes he was trying to hold onto Riko after she confessed to liking someone else, but I didn't think that made him a jerkass at all. I've seen a lot of J-Dramas where characters like him are literally trying to drag the girl back on their knees. Later on he did let things be when he saw that he wasn't able to keep Riko. I found Natsuki more annoying than the coach because of how she tried to make Riko jealous and drive a wedge between her and Naoki. However, I also agree that I didn't really blame her for her frustration with Naoki in the early episodes.