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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You're Beautiful (2009)

Country: South-Korea
Genre: music, romance, youth
: drama 16 episodes
Cast: Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, UEE, Kim Sung Ryung, Bae Geu Rin, Kim In Kwon, Jang Won Young,
Go Mi Nyu and his twinbrother Go Mi Nam had grown up in orphanage and Go Mi Nyu has decided to become a nun, while Go Mi Nam wanted to make a career in singing. Years later after departure, Go Mi Nam has selected to be a fourth member of most famous Korean band A.N.JELL. But Go Mi Nam had to leave to States to repair botched eye job and his manager contacts with Go Mi Nyu for help. He wants Go Mi Nyu to pretend that she is her brother. In order to help her brother and to find their mother, Go Mi Nyu agrees, unfortunately it all happens to be much harder that she thought as the A.N.JELL consists of 3 hot guys and lies are easy to find out.
: 5/5
Like most of the Korean dramas (at least in all the dramas I have seen) at first it is not so great.. for some first episodes, but after the feelings start to develop it gets ULTIMATE GREAT. It definitely has so many annoying characters like  the photographer, Mo Hwa Ra, Yoo He Yi and Go Mi Nam's aunt... but please bare with them, because I think the drama is worth that pain.
The main actors made a reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly great job. I actually felt like the characters are real person and the are not the same as the actors. I liked that all the characters were so different.  Most of the points will get Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye for actaully showing out the right feelings. Oke, the scriptwriter earns those points too for putting those kind of scenes into the script. You can see it pretty well how they start to have feelings for each other and it is not like a love at first sight thing, because you can see their hesitations and how they try to figure out what is going on.
It is pretty amazing how big change Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) character went trough. He was able to over come his annoying diva behavior and ended up to be such cute loveable guy. I liked that he actually still showed his authoritative attitude to get what he wanted while not showing his true reasons. Also it feels like Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye)  finally grows up. At first she is really annoying with her naive, clueless being, but in the end she looks and acts like a grown up woman, who knows what she is doing. But it is still surprising how she can be SO clueless! She did not get the point of some things even when it was clearly told out! It gets a big mess of feelings.
My all time favourite character was Jeremy. He was soo funny and positive. I think that he was the least idol-like from the A.N.JELL. But in the end, he suits to be a freind more than a lover.  Also Shin Woo was more like a brother.
There is a big mystery around Mo Hwa Ra for most of the episodes, but I must say that she still is a crazy b****. Sorry for that kind of saying, but I really did not like her. She was the reason why Tae Kyung became an annoying diva. I hate her... -.-
I liked that the scriptwriter had done a great recoonaissance with the drama. Mostly about the fans. For example, the fan-fictions. If there is somebody who does not know, than actually many fans really write fan-fics like that in the drama. Beside that, I liked the thing president told to Tae Kyung "Fans will say they loves you, but in the end they will marry to someone else. That's how much there is fans love".
Aah, talking about fans, I loved the Fan club manager, because she was a true fan. She said that they have to protect their idols personal life (even though they must know about it xD), but it does not matter what the situation is, they must support their idols and wish the best (Yes, even while crying they support them). That's why I do not understand when fans start to hate their idol's lover or want them to break up. BE NORMAL! Even an idol is a human and they deserve to have the right to like who-ever they want!
But the total hero of the drama was Big-rabbit. It is the cutest stuffed animal I have ever seen!
I am going to make a review of Japanese version of it ("Ikemen desu ne") too after it has aired and I have seen it. I have heard that it is actually even better than Korean original, but we´ll see. ( Maybe what works for "Ikemen desu ne" (10-11 episodes, 45 minutes each) is that it is shorter than "You're Beautiful" (16 episodes, 1 hour each), so all happens much faster and there is less drawling).
It is at the moment my favorite Korean drama, so recomment it to everyone.

SPOILER review: (I am afraid that it will be the longest spoiler review ever -.-)
Many of you migth like the most Kang Shin Woo, because of his gentelman acting and being all cute and warm, so you might think that he is much better choice than anyone else, but the reason why Go Mi Nyu did not like him in that way was because he did not speak about his feelings at the right time. I am pretty sure that if he would have said it at the begging, then Go Mi Nyu would have stayed close to him, but she thought that only Tae Kyung knows, which lead her back to him.
Despite the fact that Tae Kyung and Shin Woo liked Go Mi Nyu the most, I felt that Jeremy's story was the saddest, because he fell in love with Go Mi Nyu while he thought she was Go Mi Nam, a guy. That made everything harder for Jeremy, because he did not understand why? because as long as he knew, he liked women.. Also, Jeremy was the only one who did not know truth for a long time and even after that he had no clue about others feelings, which finally made it all even bigger shock. I might be wrong, but I think that when Jeremy confessed his love to Go Mi Nyu, it was the only time when I cried, because the scene when Jeremy finally steps out of the bus and smiles again, is soooooooo damn painful.
 I loved that in the end, when they were in Japan, then Go Mi Nyu decided not to go back and left Tae Kyung. It ignored the clice rules and gave plus points to Go Mi Nyu. Also in the really really end, when being back together with everyone, she decided to go to Africa for a while, because it was like a little goal to her. It showed the most that she finally was independent and grown up.


  1. I had no objections to this drama because it was one of my favorite of all the dramas I have seen. Park Lee-shin is a great actress but this drama was not her best. I loved all the characters and kind of hoped for different couples but I still liked it. My biggest problem is that Go Mi Jam was never actually shown and that was a annoying thing cause I wanted to see his reaction to his little sister being in love. It would have been good to see why he liked Yoo He Yi because there seemed like a big motive behind it and not that he liked her at all. I liked the plot but it was slow, not enough was happening to the characters that made it go to slowly for me but I stuck with it until the end.

  2. Mm I agree with you. I would have wanted to see real Go Mi Nam and hear his thoughts about her sister love life or even just her actions. I feel that the just left it out, though as a twin, I know that it is impossible that Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu did not talk about things to each other.