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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playful Kiss (2010)

Also known as: Mischievous Kiss, Naughty kiss
Country: South-Korea
Genre: romance, comedy
Format: drama 16 episodes + 7 Youtube specials
Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Si Young, Jung Hye Young, Oh Kyung Soo, Choi Won Hong, Kang Nam Gil, Hong Yoon Hwa, Yoon Seung Ah, Bye Bye Sea, Abigail Alderete 
Synopsis: Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy and very lousy student, but she is in love with the perfect genius Baek Seung Jo. After receiving Oh Ha Ni's love letter, Baek Seung Jo says that he does not like stupid girls while humiliating her in front of the whole school. When Oh Ha Ni's house collapses in a minor earth-quake, she and her father start to live with father's old friend, who turns out to be Baek Seong Jo's father.
Rating: 4/5
After watching it for a first time, I gave 5 stars to it.. but when I had re-watched it.. I took one star down, but about it later.
The lighter side at first. There are many many funny scenes and happenings. Mostly the parts where Baek Seung Jo makes something unpredictable. His character makes a change and in the end he is much more appealing than before. He is actually the reason why everything goes as it goes, he like totally kept Oh Ha Ni on hook. But also Bong Joon Gu makes a big change in it and in the end was one of my favorite characters. At first he seems crazy and immature, but later he really grows up. Maybe it is Lee Tae Sung's magic that he made Bong Joon Gu that appealing.  Baek Seung Jo's little brother gives plus points too. That arrogant mini-version of Baek Seung Jo says many cute things.
People, who have watched all other versions of it (Taiwanese drama "It started with a kiss", Japanese drama, manga and anime "Itzura na Kiss") say that Korean version has the most beautiful actors with the most stylish clothes and that Oh Ha Ni is made much appealing to people than in Taiwanese version or even in manga. Originally she was more clumsier and more in love with Baek Seung Jo, which makes her look even more sillier. So if you are interested in any of those, Korean version seems to be right (But I cannot say it for 100% , because I have seen only Korean version... and right now I do not have plans to watch other versions in near future) There really are many times when Oh Ha Ni can stand up for herself. 
One of the high-lights of the drama are kiss-scenes. Some watchers counted that there are more than 13 kiss-scenes. Also this is one of the reasons why they decided to make Youtube specials. Those 7 short episodes aired only on Youtube, but I cannot really say that they showed more inappropriate stuff than on TV, but maybe Koreans have different veiws of it than I do. 
One intresting fact. The actress who plays the part of Yoo He Ra, is actually an amatour boxer. I think she has not get any hits in the face, because she looks really beautiful (but she is soo skinny).
Now to the bad side of the drama. Oh Ha Ni's character, her behavior might seem a little bit cute, but after watching it for 16 episodes and 7 youtube specials, it gets really annoying, because there is no change in her. There are some scenes where you get the feeling that she might have grown up, but then the next scene proves that you were wrong. But I must say that it is incredible how it is even possible that there is a person who actually cannot do anything right?! Only when she puts all her efforts into it and even then she must have some luck. Also, You cannot really see much Baek Seung Jo's emotions in his face. Many viewers have reproach Kim Hyun Joong's bad acting skills as the real Baek Seung Jo in manga actually showed it out. So if you want to see a little bit more of his feelings, you should read "Baek Seung Jo's diary", which aired at the same time as drama.
The most annoying character of all was Baek Seung Jo's mother. If she had not putted her nose into their business, then I am pretty sure that they would have worked everything out themselves. She was always so fast-forward and did not think about other opportunities. Most annoying was when she declared everything to everyone! It is not others business. I certainly would hate if someone, especially my mother would tell about my private life to the whole world. Baek Seung Jo was a grown up man, why they did not let him to make his own choices?
The last bad part is.... the bears O.o They drove me crazy (Not that I would have been normal before). At  first they were cute... for 1-3 episodes, but then it got annoying and finally seeing them gave me nightmares!! O.o I do not want to see any dressed up bears ever again! (but despite it, I still love my teddy-bears ^^ they are much cuter than those in drama, especially because I do not dress up them... I am afraid that now you night have a pretty weird idea of me O.q But I say I am abnormal and I think that it is incurable ^^)
I think that those bad sides explain why I took one star down, but even though it looks like it has more bad sides, it is actually pretty sweet story of unexpected love. There are scenes to look out to and it shows that wonders can happen to anyone ^^

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