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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gekidan Engimono: Car radio ga owareba (2006)

Country: Japan
Genre: life, romance, car licence, surreal
Format: part of Gekidan Engimono series, 4 episode mini-drama
Cast: Kato Shigeaki, Kaneko Sayaka, Hiyama Yutaka, Hasebe Hitomi, Nagae Hidekazu, Mitsuishi Ken,
Synopsis: Ueno goes to a small city near Tokyo to get driving licence fast. He has made a promise to her girlfriend, who is seriously ill, that he will take her to drive out. But beside studing he must live under the same roof with other car school students, who are really unique and weird, while the rumor of the ghost haunting the house spreads out.    
Rating: 5/5
This is my favorite Gekidan Engimono ever. It is surreal like all the others, but it has most of the storyline.This is also the last Gekidan Engimono stroy. Actually before I watched it, I waited for months. The deal was that I was making my licenses and I was derrifeid to fail in it, so I made sure not to freak out before exam and decided to watch it after getting my licences. If you ask if I made it, then think - in the end I watched it, so yes, I made my theory exam for 100%. So that much of the before-review stuff ^^
I did not expected that much of it, so it surprised me. I loved Ueno's character and I think that Kato Shigeaki acted it well. At least I saw that he really really loved her girlfriend. Why there are so few man like he??
I actually find that weird that there are such kind of car schools, were you will stay until the end of the school, in this drama 3 weeks. Do you really have to leave everything (work etc.) to go to car school?? I had to take theory classes for 2 months (twice a week + some first aid lessons at the evenings about 2-3 hours each time) and then 40x25 minutes of driving lessons, but from this drama it feels like they have to learn theory by themselves and then just take driving lessons and final exam. I do not know how it really works in Japan, but I know that my licences work in Japan for a 1 year after entering.
Baba was definitely the weirdest one. His english was funny, but he was so foul-mouthed, so do not watch it with small kids. Aya was okey, but her story was so sad in the end. No matter how you look at her, she does not seem to be 17 years old!!!! You even cannot make licences at that age (I do not think there a those child-licences in Japan)
But what was most surprising for me was the instructor - he looked like the man who supervised my final driving exam O.o (but my supervisor was not Asian...). Even the way he acted was similar xD the difference was that my supervisor was veeeeeeery punctal and marked everything down, not like that instructor who forgot to give stamps for lesson o.O I wonder what face would I have doen when I had done exams after watching it xD I think I would have laughed so hard that I would have failed the exam with first 5 minutes. I do not know what to say about other characters, because they all were really different and weird!!! Beside the drama is soo short.

SPOILER review: I actually do not want to put it under the spoiler review as it is something veeeeeeery important in real life too : DO NOT TALK WITH YOUR MOBILEPHONE WHEN YOU ARE  DRIVING!!!!!!!!!! (even when you have hands-free, you're mind is still occupied, in the end it is not your hands that are driving. But it is everyones own decision, but please do not expose a danger to other people!)

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