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Monday, August 22, 2011

Postman to heaven (2010)

Also known as:  Heaven's Postman
Country: South-Korea
Genre: romance, supernatural, grief
Format: movie
Cast: Hero Jae Joong, Han Hyo Joo, Shin Goo, Kim Chang-Wan, Ju Jin Mo, Lee Du Il, Jung Jae Jin, Baek So Mi, Kim Jae Rok, Kim Ji Young
Synopsis: There is a legend that there is mailbox on a green field and a handsome postman who delivers those letters to heaven. Hana is missing her deceased lover, who was actually married and had a son. When Hana has sent several insulting letters to heaven, Jae Joon, present postman, step in to solve her problem, but in the end the 14 days they shared might all become a dream or an illusion. 
Rating: 5/5
It is a Kitagawa Eriko's work, so many of you already understand what that means. The movie was cooperation between Japan and South-Korea. In addition, the movie was second collaboration between Kitagawa Eriko and Jae Joong.
Cho Hana is full of regret and anger, not only because her ex-lover lied to her but also because he took his family for granted and cheated them. Though she has strong personality that comes off many times as rude and disrespectful, she also has a soft side that makes her a big crybaby. She is rather impulsive and acts based on her emotions. I liked Han Hyu Joo's acting, though she was made to cry and laugh as usually Kitagawa Eriko's female leads do. For a side remark, I have to say that though her ideas to convince people were really good, then on the other side her outfits and explenations of who she is to late people, is rather bad. Seriously, how many nurses are wearing this kind of nurse outfit and a bag.
Hero Jae Joong was good. What I really liked about Jae Joon character was that he was honest, but at the same time he lied so much for other sake. All the movie made me think about which is better: To lie to people, because you think it might give them peace and make them happy or to tell them the truth, even tough you know that it makes them sad? I hate lying, but I do not have the heart to hurt them too, especially because lie has a short legs.
One thing to keep eyes on is that at first Jae Joo wears light colored clothes, but as the movie goes on the clothes get darker and vise versa with Hana's clothes.
About the storyline... I loved it. It is not a usual theme to make a movie about (at least I have not seen it so much). I liked that it showed the unanswered questions of the people left behind. There comes a time, where are questions that cannot be answered. In some way I did not understand how the people were able to believe all the stuff they talked, but more than believing, I think they wanted to see it this way. I might not be sure, but I think that even in the movie Jae Joon says that they will give people the answers they are hoping for. Mostly because there is no-one to ask about the truth.
It might go as slowly as all other Kitagawa Eriko's works and it might not show as much emotions or story line between Jae Joon and Hana, but it is sweet and sad story, plus it was amazing scenes. I at least really enjoyed it.

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