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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Love ~ A little crazy thing called love~ (2010)

Country: Thai
youth, romance, friendship
Format: movie
Cast: Mario Maurer, Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol, Acharanat Ariyaritwikol, Sudarat Pudtporm, Perawatch Herabutya, Pijitra Siriwerapan, Khachamach Promsaka Na Skolnakorn
Synopsis: Nam is a 14-year-old girl (M1 class), who only does great in English, but other suspects are awful, also she does not look beautiful, might say that she is even ugly. At the beginning of a new school year she fells in love with new 10th grade (M4) student Chone, who is beautiful, athletic, funny and friendly. But the thing is, everyone loves him! In order to get noticed by Chone, Nam starts to work herself up, but it looks like even in the end everyone else but Chone will look at her. 
Rating: 5/5
This is one of my favourites love-movies ever. It is very realistic and down-to-earth story. In the trailer, it says that it is a story of everyone. I think it is true, there are so many things that one person does just to be seen by another person (or to see that special person). I confess, the part of walking by just to see his face - yeah, I have done that several times, but it makes my day ^^ I believe that it is the same to think where you might bump into him or something.  The movie shows those small things and signals which often are not understood by the other party. The possibility of chance is rather small, most times at least one of them knows what is going on. Just like in a movie "the ping-pong balls excuse".
I liked the friendship between Sheen and Nam. It was 120% right for Sheen to get angry at Nam. I think that more than being angry, she felt like Nam has totally forgotten her. This is a common thing what might happen with best friends, when one gets a boyfriend and stops being with other so often, the other feels abandoned. I  believe that many girls have felt it. But then the "abandoned one" should just make it clear to "leaver" that she understand that new friends or boyfriend are important, but she still wants to be part of the other's world like she used to be. (Was it too hard to understand?) I think that if the "leaver" understands how she has acted, she will ask for forgiveness ^^
This movie really shows how Nam grows up to a beautiful woman, both appearance and mentally. Believe it or not, but Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol acted Nam all the time. I actually thought that they changed the actress, but it was just amazing work by make-up artists and stylists. Also you can see their great work in the end of the movie, where Mario Maurer really looks older than before.
The movie has won many many awards and is shown all of the world on film festivals.
It is said that the movie will have two sequels: "First Love ~ The sequel 9 years gone~" and "First Love ~The Proposal~", but there is no official release date yet. So I keep waiting for them! I sooo want to see them.
Like  I said one of the best and realistic love stories I have seen ^^ It made me cry so much, because it is so sweet and reminds own feelings too.

SPOILER review: If you do not understand why Chone did not say anything to Nam about his feelings, then at first he thought that Nam is too young, because they have 3 years difference, so Nam was 14 and Chone 17, he thought that until Top lays his eyes on Nam. After that there is best-friends-compact : you cannot fell in love with the girl who one has dated (it is unsaid contract between girls too - you cannot even watch at the guy who someone crushes on). If Chone would have confessed to Nam then he would have lost his best friend, but there is saying "friends before dates" so I understand him very well. Of course what can be reproached is that he allowed Top to date Nam, but at the same time he had to after he had seen Top's confession.
Sad, but it is all true. Even tough it is true that Nam never said anything about dating Top, but it was pretty dirty of Nam to go everywhere with them, because that kind of acting lead to misunderstandings.
If you did not see at the first sight, then actually Pin was almost in every scene where was Chone (But I think that you watched, like Nam, only Chone XD).

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