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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Cat (2011)

Also known as: The Cat: Two eyes that can see  death
Country: South-Korea
Genre: horror, (human??)
Format: movie
Cast: Park Min Young, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Ye Ron, Sin Da Eun,
Synopsis: So Yeong suffers from claustrophobia (the fear of being in closed areas like elevator, subway, small rooms) due to childhood trauma. She works as a groomer in a pet shop. One day a cat named Bidanyi (=Silky) comes into the store. The next day Silky's owner is found dead at the elevator. So Yeong, by request from her best friend's ex-boyfriend, now a local police officer Joon Suk, she takes Silky home with her. After that So Yeong starts to see a mysterious little girl with a bob-cut. Shorlty later her best friend Boo Hee, who recently adopted a cat, dies in a closet. Fearing for her own life, So Yeong with the accompany of Yoon Soo starts to investigate the mysterious case. Yet the more they try the less they come to know.
Rating: 4/5
That was like a horror movie =D It startes just like some comedy romance and then gets scary O.o
So Yeong's situation is horrible as most of the time she does not see the difference between the reality and illusion made by the illness. Also she loves the guy who is her friend's ex, even though she liked him first. Park Min Young has definitely proved how great actress she is. She does not have many dramas that I would like to see (I certainly want to see "City Hunter"), but I think that she is actress who can act in all kind of dramas and is very appealing to viewers. So Yeong had a difficult childhood and like you see in the movie - her dad has some problems.
Joon Suk was a bit naive as he joined in forces, because Bo Hee wanted it. But otherwise, Joon Suk is very caring and does not think bad of So Yeong after she tells him the possible ways. Bo Hee was bitchy and many times she did not seem to be a great friend.
My favourite character (except cats) was the little girl Hee Jin. Isn't she pretty? Really beautiful eyes. (For your knowing - I am totally serious  right now). I tried to figure out her reason and how she died for long time, but in the end it was toooo horrible way. You can figure it out some time before it comes out, but not from the half of the story. I will write about her in spoiler-review too. She harmed only those people who tortured cats, so she is not all that bad.
I think all that dressing-up and fur coloring is something that should not be done to an animal - dressing up only when it is a dog or a cat who does not have fur on its own. Bidanyi was like an vampire cat xD so cute. I am totally a cat-person and I like cats even more now XD  In titles, they have written that no cats was injured during the filming - let's believe them and those who don't - watch the movie and see how they throw stuffed toys around. 
There are not so many horrifying-sick scenes, but it is up-to horror-scale. Many watchers have considered it "one of the best Korean horror movies ever", but at the same time horror-lovers say "have seen that in that movie and that movie and in that movie too - kind of a dull and boring story". Decide yourself - I at least enjoyed it. If you want to know the reason why I watched horror movies, then it was because Friday the 13th was xD

SPOILER-review: Well, the end was total tearjerker. It was too sad to know that it all was stupid adults fault, who insisted to destroy those cats and block all entrances of the boiler room. Hee Jin just wanted to save some of the cats. Like I understand then she hit her head so that she was paralyzed actually - that is why she was not able to move anymore. The scene, which shows all this, is so sad if you replace yourself with her.

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